English Lavender Seeds Vera Herb Perennial Flowers Seeds – 50g(50000+) Seeds of Planting Outdoor(Lavandula angustifolia Mill) (10g)



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If you are a gardener who loves to grow flowers and want to dress up your back garden like a fairy tale, you must plant lavender, because it can make our moods better and smell its fresh fragrance. Growing Lavender in Your Garden Lavender is a popular perennial garden plant found around the world. Despite lavender being hardy perennial garden plants they need to be well-tended during their first few weeks. Propagating lavender plants from seed can be challenging as they are slow to germinate. Nevertheless, much personal satisfaction can be gained from growing your lavender plants from seed! With time and patience on your side, visions of sweet-smelling lavender is in your near future. Sowing: Seed cultivation is not easy. Because English lavender likes to propagate itself in gardens, the otherwise reluctant sprouting of lavender seeds seems paradoxical. In fact, lavender sprouts only when conditions are right. This works best if you observe the following instructions: In order to increase germination capacity, it is recommended to stratify the seeds by subjecting them to a cold period of about 30 days at 3 ° – 5 ° C. To do so, the seeds are e.g. placed in small pots containing moistened seed soil, lightly pressed and covered only slightly or not at all with soil. Then you place them in the refrigerator. (Never in the freezer!). During this time, the soil must not dry out and must always be kept slightly moist (no waterlogging). Also, ensure regular ventilation to prevent mould growth. However, this process is not absolutely necessary because the seeds can be directly planted. Stratification, however, significantly increases the likelihood of success. Lavender is a light dependent germinator! (thus, only press the seeds lightly onto the soil and do not cover with soil) After stratification, choose a bright, warm place (20-25°C). Ensure the soil is consistently moist (no waterlogging). The seeds will begin to sprout approximately 2 – 5 weeks after stratification.

95-100% germination rate PLANT HEIGHT: 18 – 24″This plant is a very fragrant herb whose dried leaves and flowers are used in floral arrangement as well as cooking.
Their purple flowers are also my favorite. They are easy to reproduce and have a high germination rate. We sell 100% real seeds
It is very beautiful! The blue-purple inflorescence is very beautiful. The plant planted in our garden is the most resistant to cold. It is a plant that blooms on the stem. Lavender can not only be planted in the ground, we also use potted plants It has high ornamental value
Plant lavender in the balcony and yard, because it can attract some beneficial insects, such as bees and butterflies
The planted lavender can also be used to make tea and make sachets, which is perfect.Multifunctional and decorative: Lavender is a popular fragrant garden plant whose scent creates a relaxing atmosphere. Dried lavender flowers are great for baking, homemade lavender tea or delicious essential oils!