Dripex Garden Compost Bin, 80 Gallon(300L) Large Compost Tumbler Aerating Outdoor Tumbling Composter Fast Creation of Fertile Soil, Black & Blue–Easy Assembly



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Product Description


Use of Organic FertilizerUse of Organic Fertilizer


Dripex 300l Tumbling Composter

A Perfect Helper for Your Garden Fun!

More Detail Information:

– Color: Black & Blue

– Material: High-quality PP Material

– Capacity: 300 L / 80 Gallon

– Net Weight: 6.34 kg / 13.98 lb

– Gross Weight: 7.245 kg / 15.97 lb

– Product Dimension After Installation: 59.5 x 60.5 x 80 cm/23.43×23.82×31.5 inches

– Package Dimension: 84x60x14.5 cm/33.07 x 23.62×5.71 inches

More Features:

1. No tools required, easy to assemble.

2. Not Influenced by Weather!

3. Compost efficiency through air circulation

4. Materials friendly(High-quality PP Material)

5. 300L, high volume, super large capacity.

6. Easy to operate!

7. 24 hours reply!

Open door

Open door





Fully Opened Lid

The top cover can be fully opened for easy dumping of residue.

Easy to Operate

Exit with door at the bottom, easy to take fertilizer.

Efficient Compost

With ventilation holes all around, conducive to aerobic fermentation.


Efficient Compost in Your Garden with Dripex 300 L Garden Compost Bin!

Step 1: Select a sunny and ventilated place in the courtyard, place the assembled compost box on the ground, draw the edge line along the edge line and dig out a drain 10 CM deep and 10 CM wide.Step 2: Remove the resting place of the compost box at the four corners of the raised base (2 cm shorter than the base), so that the compost box is firmly located on the base; And the gap between the bottom of the box and the base is covered with soil and compacted.Step 3: Add organic waste, such as kitchen waste or garden leaves, and pet droppings to the box.Step 4: After adding kitchen waste, add oxygen strains, soil or earthworms, and stir thoroughly.Step 5: Cover the top and bottom doors to prevent rainwater from entering and affecting the fermentation process.Step 6: Add earthworms to speed up the decomposition and fermentation of kitchen waste. After a few months, natural organic fertilizer can be used for your balcony planting, home garden, and so on.Attention: The steps are for reference only, the specific steps and time are subject to actual conditions


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✅【 Easy to Install 】 No tools required, Easy to assemble. With five parts, this composter can be easy to assemble for only 4 Steps without any tools and operate. After installing with the Clear Guidance, the compost box is ready to use easily with convenient steps.
✅【Super Large Capacity 】 Sized 23.62×23.43×31.5 inches (59.5×60.5×80 cm), the capacity of this Garden Compost Bin is large enough (80 Gallon / 300L) for extended usage and reduce the frequency of operation compare with smaller sized composters for higher efficiency of composting and fermentation.
✅【Humanized Design Compost Bin 】 A large flip door on top, which makes it easy to dump a large amount of scraps and yard debris (leaves, straw) into the bin. A Locking lid on the bottom helps keep compost safe from the elements as well as animals. You can feel free to load new waste from the top and take the compost from the Large Open Bottom
✅【 Durable & Sturdy Construction 】 Made of high-quality PP materials which is a kind of high-hardness environmentally friendly materials and stable physical properties, durable and high heat resistance. With large thickness and heavy weight, increase heat preservation and improve fermentation efficiency.
✅【 Efficient Compost 】 With ventilation holes all around, conducive to aerobic fermentation. Save the cost of buying chemical fertilizers and reuse the scraps and yard debris, which is conducive to protecting the ecological environment. Any problems, please feel free to contact us with email, and we will try our best to help you solve your problems and give you a satisfactory solution.