DEWENWILS Water Timer, Outdoor Sprinkler Garden Hose Timer Programmable with 2 Indepent Controlled Outlets, Automatic Faucet Watering Timer for Yard Lawn Irrigation, Auto Manual Rain Delay ECO Mode



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Product Description




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DEWENWILS Outdoor Water Hose Timer

AUTO-Watering schedules, which determine when, how frequently and how long your system is activated.DELAY- If in rainy, you can active this mode to pause your programmed setting for 1-6 days to avoid over-watering and water wasteECO Function-You can set to start watering intermittently in scheduled watering time.MANUAL-The manual button allows for instant and flexible watering without interrupting your set irrigation program.(1-240min)


Watering Duration: 1-240 min

Watering Frequency: 1 -7days, 2nd days , 3rd days

Power Supply: 2x 1.5 V AA Batteries (Not Included)

Packing List:

Water Hose Timer x 1

Instruction Manual x 1


Easy to Set Up and Program

Install it in seconds and the operation is simple, the large LCD screen makes scheduling easy,Each zone has its own schedule, different plants need different watering tools and different sechedule, the 2 water outlets could achieve different procedure and will not inference with each other.From basic lawn maintenance to delicate flower pots – with the ability to schedule watering and be able to use sprinklers, drip systems, and other tools to meet your different needs.

With DEWENWILS water timer, free you from worrying about your garden or lawn or trees when you are out, no more let them dehydrated when you forget to irrigate in-time and no more pay much for over-watering.

Our timer features easy installation, flexible programming and automatic irrigation. You can simply set the current time, watering frequency, different zones, the max procedures one day, start time, watering duration, ECO function rain delay and manual watering according to your needs.

Up: Adjust the operation zone

Down: Confirm the setting or adjust the operation zone

+ : Increase settings or switch the cursor to right wanted settings

– : Decrease settings or switch the cursor to left wanted settings

OK : Confirm the setting or adjust the operation zone







Mesh filter

Built-in metal filter in the top tap connector can effectively filter out stone, gravel, sediment and other larger particles, making the entering water cleaner. it is replacable, you could replace it if in need.

Replacable Battery Compartment

When the power is low, please replace the batteries in time to avoid the interruption of the normal operation; when the batteries are replaced, please reset the current time while other watering scheduals will not be changed.

2 Standred Water Outlets

The model of water outlet is 3/4, please choose suitable hose to achieve irraigate.


Top Connector Material

Pure Zinc

Water Pressure

120 PSI

Watering Duration

1-240 Minutes

Watering Frequency

1 -7days, 2nd days , 3rd days


1.5 V AA(not included)

Water Outlet


Indenpent Control

LEAKPROOF WATER INLET-Pure zinc integrated tap connector without extra gaskets installation,support 3/4 outdoor water faucet and avoid water leakage in use; the hose timer itself doed not generate pressure, but its max sustainable water pressure is 120 psi, tap water or a pressurized water source ensures a normal drain
2 INDEPENT OUTLET- 2 water outlets( A and B) are controlled by different procedures via operate buttons to achieve indepent control and do not interfere with each other, you could schedule your diverse irrigation needs via different hose and settings
CUSTOMIZED SETTINGS- Up to 4 watering procedures for each outlet one day, including which zone,watering frequency and duration, rain delay, ECO function or manual watering, free from worrying about unattended plants/flowers when you are out, no more let them in drought or over-watering
EASY TO OPERATE- Powered by 2 1.5V AA batteries (not included), if you are away for a long time, the batteries must be replaced in case of low power, when the power is back, please reset the current time setting, the previous watering schedules are still kept; the large easy to read LCD screen displays details and the instruction help you to set it
FOR OUTDOOR USE- It is waterproof and leakproof, which is ideal for outdoor gravity drip system, birdbath dripper, refresh garden, gravity fed system, rain buckets, pet water, sprinkler irrigation, pool water injection, playing etc.