DEWALT Demolition Hammer, SDS MAX, 22-lbs (D25892K)


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Price: $799.00 - $730.25
(as of Oct 17,2021 09:45:07 UTC – Details)

The 22-pound SDS max demolition hammer with its durable and hard-hitting German engineered mechanism delivers category-leading 19.4 Joules of impact energy. Constant speed electronics allows the tool to maintain speed under load, Even in the hardest concrete. This tool is ideally suited for horizontal and downward facing chipping applications along the mid-to-lower wall and floor. Shocks Active vibration control® technology reduces vibration felt by the user for less fatigue and greater productivity. This tool comes tag ready™ so users can attach the DEWALT tag™ and track its location virtually anywhere via the DEWALT tool connect™ app.

Demolition and concrete contractors will use these dedicated chipping Hammers to remove over-poured concrete once forms are taken off.
User needs to create a hole in a concrete wall, so they will score the concrete then break away all concrete inside the scored edges
User needs to install pipework or wiring underground after the slab is poured. They will score the section needing demolition, then chip away the concrete inside the scored edges.
Chipping away bricks along a brick wall.
User pulverizes the top lay of concrete using a bushing tool attached to the demolition hammer.