Crab Claw Herb Peperomia pellucida (rau cang cua/Pepper Elder/Shining Bush Plant – 50 Seeds



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(as of Sep 26,2021 16:12:14 UTC – Details)

Peperomia pellucida, also known as Crab Claw herb, Shining Bush, Pepper Elder, are beautiful plants that can be grown very easily in your garden. They grow well in pots as well. The succulent leaves that’s shaped like a heart make them beautiful as ornamental plants. They love shades and moisture, and are very low maintenance. These herbs are absolutely delicious in salads. Please, the pictures were taken from our garden, the seeds are vital. If you can’t get them to germinate, maybe they were not sown in the right temperature, season or location. Before you place the order, please note that seed germination is controlled by environmental factors such as light, moisture, temperature and time of seed dry storage as well as by genetic factors. Sometimes the grower’s patience plays a role in it. So as grower’s diligence to fight with the garden critters. Starting plants from seeds are not suitable for everyone, please consider all these factors before submitting your order. We are bee keepers, thus our seeds are bee kissed, we have volunteering outdoorsy seedlings pop out everywhere in different seasons per each varieties cycle. We know our seeds are very fertile.

Packet contains 50 seeds hand-packed with care.
Packed in 3 x 4 inch sealable bag