Cotton Candy Peony Mix (50+) Seeds Flowers Pack Easy Grow Planting for Outdoor Pink red White



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Cotton Candy Peony Mix is the perfect choice for peony lovers that just can’t decide! This selection of classic colors includes one each of: ‘Sarah Bernhardt’ (pink), ‘Karl Rosenfield’ (red), and ‘Shirley Temple’ (white). Each tried and true variety has impressive 6-8” wide flowers, perfect for summer arrangements and wedding bouquets. Peonies are long-lived plants that hold their foliage beautifully after their bloom season has passed. Methods of accelerating the germination of peony seeds: 1. Soak in water to accelerate budding Water is indispensable for the growth of any plant, but how do peony seeds sprout? Soaking in water is the best and easiest way. Put clean peony seeds in clean water at a temperature of 25 degrees, and keep changing the water every day, about a week later. Although the method of soaking in water is simple, it should be noted that the time of soaking in water should not be too long, one week is enough, and the cleanliness of the warm water every day is maintained, and it takes about 30 days to grow buds. 2. Paper towels for sprouting Prepare a thick clean paper towel that will not break after spraying. Then put the soaked and drained seeds into it, and then cover a layer of paper towel on the surface, spray it with water, and then cover with a layer, and then put it in a dark and warm environment, remember not to be too high in temperature, and the humidity is appropriate. can. The bud spots will appear after about two weeks.

The easiest way to accelerate the germination of peony: Because the seeds are firm, soak them in clean water for 4-7 days, then sow them directly and spread them out. Very simple planting, it takes about 30 days to grow buds,do not know how to consult us.
We have two types of peony: one is a combination of red, pink and white. Another one will be launched: 9 series of colors, respectively orange, white, pink, red, purple, light yellow, green, rose red, sky pink, black red, etc., looking forward to their blooming
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