Composting to Compost: Volume 3 of 3 The Hot Composting System



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In this series “Composting to Compost”, the table of contents list over 50 sections in Volume 3 of 3. The majority of them deal with the sub-title “The Hot Composting System”. The system is divided up into 10 methods for producing premium compost to enhance, and enrich the soil. This enriched soil will perform as an amendment/fertilizer/for most if not all of your plant and or garden needs.
Ten methods under The Hot Composting System are as follows:
•The Leaf Composting Method (leaves, water, and a tarp)
•Aerated Static Composting Method #1 (uses branches)
•Aerated Static Composting Method #2 (uses plastic pipes)
•Aerated Static Composting Method #3 (uses a fan)
•Aerated Static Composting Method #4 (fan, pipes, fabric)
•Aerated Static Composting Method #5 (pallet(s))
•Open Pile Composting Method (cone shape pile)
•Windrow Composting Method (uses fan, pipes)
•Open Bin Composting Method (uses fencing/wire)
•Closed Bin Composting Method (wood planks, and a tarp)
Other topics you will find in this volume are human fashionable attire for composting safety, and leaf preparation for shredding, composting, storage, and tea. I have also made mention of grass collection as a nitrogen source, its positioning and layering during the composting operation. The practice of this survival skill of composting your unwanted organic material can save you money on plant fertilizer. The food you produce using compost in your garden, can also reduce your grocery bill, by providing fresh food right from your own back yard. Make that positive choice to arm yourself with this timeless information to produce the healthiest lifestyle.