Composting For Beginners: The Complete Guide to Start Your Composting With the Ultimate Eco-Friendly and Low Cost Techniques



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Do you still use chemical fertilizers in your garden? Haven’t you ever been able to find a valid alternative to chemical composts?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then this book is for you!

Walking through the forests and woods, you will have realized how healthy and robust the trees and plants grow, yet no fertilizer is used for this process to take place. In reality, a forest fertilizes itself through compounds that are already present in nature itself, such as dead leaves, grass and all organic materials, which, when properly balanced, provide a delicious and nutritious organic compound for the vegetation.

So why should we continue to use chemical and toxic composts to fertilize our plants? In fact, we can perfectly well use this type of natural composting for our garden and our plants.

It’s not complicated at all if you know how to do it and have instructions to follow. This book will explain to you step by step the process of natural composting and the various techniques, all of which are eco-friendly and low cost.

Here are some of the topics being developed:

  • Choose the perfect type of compost for your house or garden;
  • Perfectly balance the natural ingredients that will make the natural compost fertile and nutritious;
  • Analyze various composting techniques and evaluate their costs and benefits;
  • Prevent your compost from rotting, drying out, or developing strange smells.

And a lot more!

A well-planned compost heap does not smell and does not require much maintenance. Get this book, follow the step-by-step instructions and let your plants enjoy an all-natural fertilizer in just a few steps.

What are you waiting for? Start discovering the benefits of natural composting now and enjoy a lush garden without the dangers of artificial fertilizers!

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