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In the culinary arts, Caraway seeds are a spice made from the dried fruit of a plant known as Carum carvi. A member of the parsley family, caraway seeds are not technically seeds, but fruits. Nevertheless, they are commonly referred to as caraway seeds in the culinary arts. Caraway seeds are similar in flavor to aniseed. Caraway seeds are frequently used in baking. The seeds found in most types of rye bread are caraway seeds. Caraway seed is also used in flavoring curries, sausages and even liqueurs. Caraway seeds are sometimes used in pickling and brining. The leaves of the caraway plant can be used as an herb, much like its relative, parsley. In addition, the root of the caraway plant can be eaten — it’s similar to a parsnip. All seeds are packaged and for the current growing season.

Caraway seed is the chief spice features in savory dishes
Can be grown indoors
Caraway is grown extensively all over the world.
Caraway spice is an excellent source of minerals
Easy to Grow and Harvest