Botanical Interests “Sunflower Delight” Flower Seed Collection – 4 Large Packets



Price: $22.95
(as of Oct 17,2021 06:41:47 UTC – Details)

Selection of 4 Botanical Interests sunflower Large seed packets. Bring on this bouquet of fun and color to your yard. Great gift for a beginner or avid gardener. Please note, suitable substitutions may occur when the manufacturer is temporarily out of stock.

Delightful, sunny Botanical Interests selection of 4 Sunflower LARGE seed packets. Non GMO seeds.
Includes: “Florist’s Sunny Bouquet” blend of single and multi-branching yellow, peach, and cream beauties; grow 4′-6′ tall;
Organic “Mammoth” grows almost 1 foot across and 6′-12′ tall; “Drop Dead Red” designer mix of multi-branching red funflowers, grow 4′-6′ tall;
Heirloom “Two Queens” is royal blend of ‘Lemon Queen’ and deep red “Velvet Queen’, grow 5′-8′ tall.
Quality non-GMO seeds by Botanical Interests, a U.S. based seed company since 1995; compliant with all USDA laws and regulations regarding seeds. 2021 Seeds.