Bonsai Tree Seed Starter Kit – All You Need to Grow 4 Bonsai Trees from Seeds. All-in-One Indoor / Outdoor DIY Beginner Grow kit for Men & Women. Best Gift Idea for Mom and Dad who Have Everything



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natureit bonsai tree seed starter kit gift plant therapy relaxing family hobbynatureit bonsai tree seed starter kit gift plant therapy relaxing family hobby

The Art of Bonsai

Let us take you to a wonderful journey! A Bonsai adventure to experience with the whole family.


natureit bonsai kit made in USAnatureit bonsai kit made in USA

Natureit Bonsai Tree Seed Starter Kit

Interested in growing your own Bonsai tree and struggling to find the the essentials to get started?

Trouble getting your seeds to grow?

Looking for a unique gift idea? Or just in need for a relaxing and therapeutic hobby?

Introducing – the All-in-One Solution:

Natureit Bonsai Tree Seed starters kit

Everything you need to grow your own Bonsai trees from seed.

What’s in the kit?

peat soil pellets compressed soil discs

peat soil pellets compressed soil discs

Bonsai tree seed packets high germination rate no stratification non gmo open polinated fresh USA

Bonsai tree seed packets high germination rate no stratification non gmo open polinated fresh USA

Bonsai tree seed grow guide

Bonsai tree seed grow guide

planting pots plant markers stake tags

planting pots plant markers stake tags

4 Compressed peat soil discs

This compressed soil easily expands in water.

It contains all the nutrients your plant needs to grow strong during the germination period.

4 different Tree seed packets

Colorado Blue Spruce – Picea Pungens GlaucaSiberian Elm – Ulmus PumilaBlack Spruce – Picea MarianaLoblolly Pine – Pinus Taeda

Grower’s Guide

A comprehensive instruction manual with all the information you need to start growing you trees from seed.

4 Natural pots and Tags

4 Natural Coconut coir pots for directly replanting in the ground when needed. 4 plant tags to mark your seed name and sowing dates.

Natureit Bonsai tree seed starter kitNatureit Bonsai tree seed starter kit

A Perfect introduction to the Art of Bonsai

An All-in-One kit with everything you need to grow your own Bonsai trees from seed

Instruction Manual4 Natural Pots – Used for replanting in the ground.4 Peat Soil Discs – Expandable and contains fertilizers for best germination.4 Plant Tags – To mark seed names and dates indicating milestones (i.e., sowing date).4 Seed Packets –Colorado Blue Spruce – Picea Pungens GlaucaSiberian Elm – Ulmus PumilaBlack Spruce – Picea MarianaLoblolly Pine – Pinus Taeda

The best gift for those who are impossible to buy for

Great gift for any occasion, for both Men & Women, Kids & Adults.Beginner friendly – No experience needed- kit contains an extensive, easy step-by step growing guide.Unique giftPerfect for a new, relaxing hobbyGreat for garden loversBest plant therapy

We will climb the tallest tree for you! 🙂

Seeds didn’t sprout? We got your back! We will gladly send you new seeds to try again.

Happy growing!

High quality seeds

100% Fresh seeds

All seeds Grown in the USA


Open polinated

Sow it when you get it! No stratification period required

High germination rate seeds

A New Family Hobby!

kids planting seeds

kids planting seeds

office bonsai

office bonsai

planting together father son

planting together father son

The gift for all ages. Turn your Thumb Green!

The best way for your kids to get to know a bit about nature, how it works, caring for plants and growing their own tree from seed.

Perfect for the office – Grow it indoor or outdoor

Get in the Zone in your office and work place with your ZEN Bonsai tree. Great for taking your mind off of work for a while.

Great experience with the kids.

Perfect way to start a new hobby together with your family members.

Great way to teach your kids the responsibility of caring for something that grows.

Meet your Bonsai Trees!

Siberian Elm

Siberian Elm

Blue Spruce

Blue Spruce

Black Spruce Picea Mariana

Black Spruce Picea Mariana

Loblolly pine

Loblolly pine

Siberian Elm – Ulmus Pumila

Native to Central Asia and eastern Siberia, the Siberian Elm is widespread across North America. It has wide branches with small, round, gentle green leaves that turns into magnificent colors during autumn.

Colorado Blue Spruce – Picea Pungens Glauca

A member of the pine tree family that is native to the Rocky Mountain regions of North America. It is long-lived and may reach ages of 600-800 years. It was named for its silver-blue color. This unique color is attributed to the white powder that forms on new young needles. It is also a popular choice for Christmas trees!

Black Spruce – Picea Mariana

A member of the Pine Family, this tree is widespread across North America and Canada. Pines are a classic bonsai species and their rugged, rough bark and trunk make them appear old.

Loblolly Pine – Pinus Taeda

The largest of only several pines native to the Southeastern United

States, often grown in mud, the Loblolly Pine is a large evergreen

tree that grows at a fairly fast rate, with height increases of more than 24″ per year.

AKA Arkansas pine or North Carolina pine.

Everything you need to grow 4 types of miniature bonsai trees from seed. Natureit Bonsai Tree Kit contains 4 tree seed packets: Colorado Blue Spruce, Loblolly Pine, Siberian Elm and Black Spruce. You also receive 4 peat soil discs, biodegradable growing pots, plant tags and a comprehensive growing guide. Made in the USA
High germination rate seeds grown in the USA. Open pollinated, 100% NON-GMO fresh bonsai tree seeds. All of our seeds are sourced from USA’s most veteran seed companies. This bonsai garden kit is the best All-in-One gardening supplies for seed starting, including natural biodegradable planting pots & compressed soil pellets that provide your plants with all the nutrients they need to grow strong in the germination stage with less effort and no stratification required
Grow all seeds indoors or outdoors. Perfect for an office plant or desk plant
Suits both Men & Women, The best gift for moms and dads who have everything. The perfect garden gift. This indoor Bonsai kit is a unique gift idea for any occasion or holiday season. Our kit suits beginner and expert gardeners alike, kids and adults, which make it an ideal gift for Christmas, anniversary, birthdays and Housewarmings. It is the best plant therapy, a great hobby and wonderful experience for the whole family.
With our kit your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Easy to grow freshly harvest bonsai tree seeds with the highest germination rates to insure you will get the best experience possible exploring the amazing art of bonsai growing. Perfect introduction to the bonsai culture.