All Seasons Indoor Composter, 5-Gallon Countertop Kitchen Compost Bins with Bokashi – Easily Compost in Your Kitchen, Low Odor – 2 Tan Composting Buckets and 2.2 Gallon Bokashi



Price: $101.95
(as of Oct 17,2021 10:17:48 UTC – Details)

The perfect starter kit for composting food waste right in your home.

The All Seasons Indoor Composter Kit is a unique, in-house system used to recycle kitchen scraps into an organic compost soil conditioner. The most effective method of fermenting is through anaerobic (without oxygen) fermentation. This process prepares the scraps for burial in less than half the time of conventional composting methods without any unpleasant odors. This system ferments and pickles your food waste in less than half the time of conventional composting methods without odors.

The All Seasons Indoor Composter includes two unique features, the strainer and spigot, allowing the moisture released by the scraps of food waste to be drained out to prevent spoilage. This liquid can be used as a fertilizer for household plants (1:100 dilutions) or to clean your kitchen and bathroom drains (undiluted). The All Seasons Indoor Composter kit can be easily implemented in an indoor environment making it useful for apartment, school, household, restaurant, business or wilderness use. Each composting kit comes with complete instructions. The All Seasons Indoor Composter used in conjunction with All Seasons Bokashi, the system provides the ideal conditions to activate anaerobic fermentation that accelerates the composting process, while eliminating odors and deterring flies.

Volume Capacity: 5 US Gallons – .67 Cubic Feet – 640 Fluid Ounces Dimensions: 16″h x 10″w x 10″d. Storage: The All Seasons Indoor Composter – Fits under most kitchen sinks or can be stored in other convenient location indoors. Refer to our website for more information.

DOUBLE THE COMPOSTING CONTAINERS AND BOKASHI. With 2 5-gallon compost containers and a 2.2 gallon bag of Bokashi compost starter, our simple kit is ready for large families or groups to start composting: no assembly required. Two composter kits means that when the first gets filled you can set it aside – while you fill your second. And our 2.2 gallon bokashi is double the size of our standard 1 gallon so it will keep you composting longer.
KICKSTART COMPOSTING. Unlike other kitchen countertop compost bins, the All Seasons Indoor Composter is more than a food scrap container: start the composting process immediately using the microbial power of All Seasons Bokashi to ferment your food waste after every meal, before transferring to your outdoor compost bin, garden soil, or curbside pick-up.
LOW ODOR INDOOR COMPOST BIN. This all-in-one Bokashi composting kit uses beneficial microbes to ferment your food waste without stinky putrefaction or flies. Our compost bucket’s kitchen-friendly design features a lid that locks tightly for easy, airtight fermentation. The compost bucket is made from high-quality, recycled plastic that won’t weaken during the decomposing process or leach harmful chemicals into your compost.
REDUCE YOUR TRIPS TO THE OUTDOOR COMPOSTER. Trudging out to your outdoor compost bin after every meal in the dead of winter isn’t fun—plus decomposition slows down naturally outside in freezing cold weather so there’s no guarantee you’ll have compost ready for spring planting. By fermenting your food scraps inside using our compost container, you stay warm, save time and energy, and speed up your composting process. It truly makes it easy to compost.
NURTURE YOUR PLANT BABIES WITH EASY-TO-ACCESS COMPOST TEA. Compost tea is a powerful plant fertilizer, but making it outdoors is a messy, time-intensive process. Our compost bin’s design features a built-in spigot that makes accessing nutrient-rich compost tea quick and easy. Simply drain, dilute, and use to nurture your house plants. Plus bokashi composting loses fewer nutrients than traditional composting methods, making both your compost and compost tea an even richer source of garden gold.