ALL BIO – Organic Plant Food – Plant Growth Booster/Indoor House Plants and Outdoor Plants/Mixed in Water/Foliar Spray. [Covers Approx. 2,500 sq.ft (10g)]



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The Biostimulant in powder form, naturally maintaining and promoting growth and strength to all parts of plants thereof with chemical free and ecological safe. Main Ingredients: Compound extracted from organic plants. (Glycine, Methionine, Tryptophan, Arginine 5-20%) Property: Dry powder to mix with water Benefits: 1. Promoting the growth of all plant parts 2. Leaves and all parts of plants will be naturally rich. 3. Promoting a better agricultural output. 4. Enhancing nutrition efficiency, abiotic stress tolerance, and crop quality traits Ratio of Usage: 1 pouch (10g/0.35oz): 2.5gal of clean water, or 1 spoon (1g/0.04oz): 1l/1qt of clean water How to use: Mixing All Bio at needed volume of clean water by using the above ratio, leaving at least 15 minutes before use.Then filter the residue and spraying to stems & leaves every 5-7 days. Once mixed with water, should spray the whole mix, do not keep for later use.

⚡️NATURALLY MAINTAINING AND PROMOTING HEALTHY GROWTH AND STRENGTH : Promote plant growth and increased photosynthesis, encouraging studier, greener stems and leaves. Rich of nutrients – In a form of various AMINO ACIDS which is specially formulated for GROWTH BOOSTING function.
⚡️ INDOOR / OUTDOOR HOUSE PLANTS – this is perfectly suitable for both indoor and outdoor house plants. Our Organic Growth Booster also works best together with other formulas of our plant nutrients to enhance the result!
⚡️ 100% ORGANIC – ecologically safe. “Better for you and better for the planet!” We call it “Plants Nutrients ” that supplement  “Fertilizer”, but full of nutrients for your plants and it works amazingly well that we want you all to try!!
⚡️ SUPER GREAT VALUE – Mix 1 little Spoon (1g) of the recipe that comes in the bag, with 1 liter of water and see great results. To enhance performance, use the 2:1:1 ratio of Product:Growth Booster:Water included in the “How to Use” artwork under “All Bio Tips”. In addition, add spraying frequency to see even better and faster results.
⚡️ EASY TO STORE – All Recipes of All Bio Plant Nutrients is extremely easy to store. Our product comes in a resealable bag, with the actual product being a dry powder form which is light, powerful and long lasting.