AgroThrive All Purpose Organic Liquid Fertilizer – 3-3-2 NPK (ATGP1128) (1 Gal) for Lawns, Vegetables, Greenhouses, Herbs and Everything Else that Grows



Price: $29.50
(as of Sep 24,2021 06:15:42 UTC – Details)

AgroThrive is the manufacturer of the world’s first predigested organic bio-fertilizer. After producing millions of gallons of organic bio-fertilizers for some of the largest USDA certified organic farmers in the country for over a decade, they are now packaging their 2 most popular professional-grade products into smaller containers for home and garden use. Now any grower can use the same organic fertilizers that large scale commercial growers have come to depend on! AgroThrive General Purpose Liquid Fertilizer is a premium organic bio-fertilizer formulated to provide both nutrient supply and stimulation of soil microbes. This organic bio-fertilizer feeds plants and enhances soil microbial activity helping release nutrients from the soil, increasing availability to plants. The result is vigorous root and foliar growth, improved disease resistance, and tastier fruits and veggies. Our bio-fertilizers are made from nutritious organic materials that may otherwise end up in landfills and harm our environment. Our proprietary technology safely converts these materials into beneficial plant food that improves plant and soil quality, while eliminating harmful pathogens in the process.

Organic results in less than 1 week
OMRI, CDFA and WSDA listed for organic gardening; No synthetic chemicals EVER
3-3-2 NPK General Purpose liquid organic fertilizer; Formulated for lawns, vegetables, greenhouses, herbs and everything else that grows; Derived from organic fish and grain
Produced by The Progressive Digestion Process which breaks down all organic ingredients down to a simple molecular structure plants can quickly absorb
Activates indigenous micro-flora in soil and helps nutrient release; release speed: 70% fast-release, 30% slow-release
Promotes vigorous root and foliar growth and improves plant disease resistance
Convenient liquid concentrate in a bottle; Just mix 2oz – 4oz with 1 gallon of water and apply to soil