8000+ Creeping Thyme Seeds – Perennial Herb for Landscaping



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Creeping Thyme will not thrive in excessively clay or sandy soils.

Creeping Thyme is a popular and adaptive dwarf groundcover that is popular for landscape designs. Used often as borders on flower beds and in between pavers on walkways, this is a ground cover that can handle moderate foot traffic.
Creeping Thyme is a perennial herb which will over-winter well in zones 4-9.
Direct Sow seeds outdoors between May and August when temperatures are consistently in the high 60s or above. Division of established plantings can be done in March and April. Fall plantings should be avoided to protect against freeze damage.
When planting, seeds should not be covered with soil, but rather pressed into the soil. Good seed to soil contact is necessary for ideal germination rates.
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