725pcs Heirloom Vegetable Seed Starter Kit Contains 8 Varieties Including Lettuce Cilantra Sweet Pepper Spinach Tomatoes Etc Can Be Used for Vegetable Seeds Pack for Planting Home Garden



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The following is the content of our vegetable seeds variety pack:
100 Pcs Lettuce seed
100 Pcs Cilantra seed
100 Pcs Carrot seed
25 Pcs Pea seed
100 Pcs Sweet Pepper seed
100 Pcs Beet seed
100 Pcs Spinach seed
100 Pcs Tomato seed
Planting method: take sweet pepper as an example
We first treat the seeds with [germination]. Germination can increase the germination rate of seeds and shorten the germination time of seeds. First soak the seeds in water for 6-8 hours to allow the seeds to fully absorb moisture. Then use a paper towel (gauze can also be) to lay flat in a container, wet the paper towel with water, and put the soaked seeds evenly in the container. A plastic film can be wrapped around the container, which can simulate the effect of the greenhouse, and the seeds will be easier to germinate in the greenhouse. Pay attention to the water inside every day. If the seeds are too dry, they will stop developing. If they are too wet, the seeds will be damaged easily. The paper towel inside can keep the humidity. The suitable temperature for pepper to germinate is 25 ~ 30 ?. Wait patiently for a period of time. 
This package is easy to grow and is organic gardening for everyone: you can easily grow your own healthy organic seed vegetables without any experience and enjoy the fun of planting.
Our vegetable seed starter kits can be used as unique creative gifts, ideal for gardening gifts or vegan gifts for men and women.

The vegetable seed variety pack contain Lettuce seed?Cilantra seed?Carrot seed?Pea seed?Sweet Pepper seed?Beet seed?Spinach seed?Tomato seed
We assembled a comprehensive survival vegetable kit with an appropriate proportion of varieties and quantities. This seed kit will make you, your family and friends reap success and joy in the planting process
Indoor or outdoor-Carefully selected varieties can be easily planted in the kitchen, the interior of the entrance or the outdoor of the garden. If you have a small greenhouse you can plant in winter.
Our vegetable seeds for planting outdoor are screened high-quality vegetable seeds with full grains and high germination rate. Each seed collection is sealed in aluminum foil bags / sachets for maximum freshness.
If you encounter product quality problems or planting methods, please contact us, we will give you a satisfactory answer.