(2000 Seeds)Perpetual Strawberry Four Seasons Strawberry Seeds for Planting(Red)


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Planting Requirements

  1. Light: it can grow better under sufficient sunlight.
  2. Water: water regularly. Water deeply by soaking the soil and avoiding spray.
  3. Substrate: loose, fertile, well drained slightly acidic soil.
  4. Temperature:the optimal temperature is 15-25℃(59-77℉).

Sowing Steps for Seeding

  1. Sowing: open the seed package carefully, spread the seeds evenly on the surface of the substrate, and cover with 0-1.2 inch of culture soil.
  2. Spray:wet the surface with a spray bottle (spray in a mist). Spray carefully so as not to wash away the seeds.
  3. Cultivation: pay attention to timely hydration.

-Packing Specification: 2000 Seeds Per Pack.
-Sowing Rate: 2 – 4 seeds per plant.
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