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The inner stem has the same kind of juicy crunch that makes celery appealing.
Although some find a celery-like taste when raw the flavour is milder and more delicate. It is more often compared to asparagus or even cucumber when cooked. Since it does have such a mild taste Celtuce is the perfect foundation of many full flavored dishes. Celtuce is valued for the thick central stalk that is very crispy and tender, while the young leaves are used as lettuce for salads and stir-fry. When grown to maturity the Celtuce stems become quite large and can weigh up to as much as 1kg.
The stalks are stir-fried with meat, poultry or fish; they can be used in soups or pickled. The leaves can be used like spinach. They may be eaten in salads at a young tender stage and as the plant grows they can be harvested straight from the stem and lightly cooked. Celtuce is a cool weather crop with spring and autumn sowing recommended for best results.
Very easy to grow. Simply sowing in a depth of 0.6 to 1.2 cm (1/4inch to 1/2inch), space 20 to 30cm (8 to 12in) in the row, and treat like regular lettuce.
The perfect temperature for germination is 4 to 16°C (40 to 60°F).