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The seeds are sown in containers with a mixture of sand and peat, covered with glass and placed in a warm place, where the temperature is kept within 25-27 ºC, it would be nice to arrange a container with sowing bottom heating.
It is also necessary to regularly ventilate the container with seeds, remove condensation and moisten the substrate.
When the seedlings develop the first leaves, they are seated in personal pots. Make sure that seedlings do not stretch: if they lack light, they will have to arrange artificial illumination shoots.
In the open ground seedlings of hibiscus planted in mid-may. Strong specimens can be planted immediately in a permanent place, and a weaker plant for rearing the learning garden at a distance of about half a meter between the instances.

If you plant a tree hibiscus, the pit must be twice as large as the root system of the seedling. On the bottom of the pit is placed a drainage layer of broken bricks with a thickness of about 15 cm, then a six-inch layer of sand, a layer of compost with a thickness of 15 cm and another layer of sand of the same thickness. To fill the pit, mix the topsoil removed during pit preparation with peat and sand at a ratio of 2:4:1, carefully place the root clump in the pit, so that the root collar is barely underground, and fill the pit prepared mixture. Then okuchte seedling to form around it an extensive excavation for moisture, pour the plant in this circle, and when the water is absorbed, pour into the excavation, leveling the surface area. If you have any need to plant hibiscus in the fall, be sure to over mulch tree trunks and tie plant fir spruce branches.

Grows very quickly and has a long bloom period during which the large flowers cover the branches.
They are very tolerant of pruning and you can shape them into whatever form best suits your needs.
They grow well in any soil including clay and are able to tolerate drought.
This tropical looking beauty attracts bees, butterflies, and birds including HUMMINGBIRDS.
These fabulous shrubs make an excellent living fence and will add a lot of wonderful fall color to any landscape!