100+ Mixed Snapdragon Flowers Seeds Tall Garden Pretty Flower Annual Outdoor



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100+ Mixed Snapdragon Flowers Seeds Tall garden pretty flower Annual Outdoor
This exquisite annual will transform a meadow into a shimmering sea of color. Also popular for containers, this mix includes white, rose, lilac, yellow, orange, and crimson flowers. Every flower garden needs a few Snapdragons!
These bright flowers originally come from Morocco. The common names of Toadflax and Baby Snapdragon come from the unusual appearance of the blooms. Though similar types are common in the wild, this hybridized species won the prestigious AAS Award in 1934 and quickly became established as an easily grown garden favorite. The genus name Linaria means “flax-like,” referring to the similarity of the plant’s growth to that of flax.
The snapdragon plant is a shrubbery or herbaceous plant with straight, branched green fine-grooved stems 35′-50′ (90-130 cm) tall, forming pyramidal bushes. The flowers are fragrant, rather large, collected in spike-shaped inflorescences, are painted in white, yellow, pink, pale yellow, all shades of red. The fruit is a two-nested multi-seed box.
Flowering snapdragon usually begins in June and ends with frost. In garden design, it is grown as a curb plant, although the snapdragon looks great on a flowerbed, and planted in groups against a green lawn. Often snapdragons are used to decorate balconies and terraces.