Pond Flowers Enhance Your Own Backyard Water Garden

Pond flowers are those beautiful flowers and plants that bring color. Most varieties of pond flowers will not be able to survive in another kind of living conditions.

Water lilies, for instance, tropical and hardy types, are the most vibrant flowers that one sees in a water garden. Both tropical day flowering and the tropical night blooming lilies are capable of being robust and hardy but only in a climate that’s frost-free. They’ll grow in the areas that receive frost; this means they must be replaced by you annually. The hardy water lily can flourish all year long as long the roots of the plant have sufficient dirt or water covering them so they do not freeze. The flowers of this lily and the leaves will float on the waters surface. These flowers close up in the middle of the afternoon sun and open up on sunny days. You can purchase water lilies in any color.

Some water plants which float on the surface but the roots of these plants aren’t in any soil will most likely replicate at a high rate of speed forcing you to thin them out in order to keep them under control. You’ll need oxygenator plants and floating plants to maintain a balance of both vegetation and animal life.

Some water plants that grow in shallow water can give you a visual progression between the water plants and the rest of the plants and flowers in the remainder of your garden beds.

A pond that’s just for the sounds of bubbling water or decorative fish can be placed in the shade and it can do very well. If the backyard pond is for growing colorful plants and beautiful water lilies or for both the plants and ornamental fish you’ll have to have an area which receives as much sun as possible. The fish and water flowers must have a perfect equilibrium if both are to survive. You might not have a choice but to put your pond in an area that gets minimal sun, you just need to realize that your collection of plants will be limited but you can still enjoy all of the color and beauty you desire.

Some water garden maintenance will be required for a delightful pond. When winter season is finished you want to remove plants which are just lingering around and mulch your water garden with well composted peat. The organic material contained in the mulch helps improve the condition of the soil each year. The mulch should be low in nutrients, if it is too large an algae bloom will occur once it seeps into the pond.

Backyard ponds and water gardens with all those beautiful pond flowers will also attract wildlife for your pleasure besides adding value to your home and landscaping.

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