Perfection Of Kitchen Garden

There is nothing quite like having a kitchen garden where fresh herb crops can be expanded to add flavor. It can also be a fantastic pastime for the young ones in the family. While also providing the convenience to reach out to find the freshest ingredients like herb plants A hobby, which could knock off grocery bills. Moreover, while assisting in the kitchen garden, children can have fun and learn valuable lessons.

It is not necessary to have a large space to make space for a kitchen garden. An individual can grow his own garden in raised beds flower pots or just about anyplace where adequate sunlight is acquired while and also shelter from the elements. Pots can be placed in the backyard or in the verandah, terrace. Raised beds can be reached on the patio and in the backyard. Quarries or beds can also be produced in the backyard. A platform can be constructed approximately 4 inches. Planting a variety of herb plants and vegetables are required. If a family enjoys salads then lettuce, spinach, cherry tomatoes etc should be planted.

Good quality seeds should be used for sowing. Qualities of seeds are available in the market.

Cilantro leaves are commonly used in dressing or cooking due to the refreshing taste and bright green colour. Its leaves are tender and therefore easily perishable. It is ideal to develop them fresh in the garden so that it can be used as and when required. The seeds should be placed on the floor that was hard and rubbed softly with the sole of the batter as to split them in to 2 parts, being careful not to crush the seeds. Seeds should be evenly sowed in the bed. After this the seeds should be covered with mud. Organic fertilizer of about 10 lbs should be used and mixed with the mud. The bed should be watered through sprinklers daily. The plants shouldn’t be watered to avoid the collection of seeds. The seedlings will show up in a weeks time.

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