Perennial Suggestions For Summer 2010

Like many people I love having a garden which looks lovely and attractive. The problem is like many people I don’t have the time to keep purchasing new plants every season. I’ve written the following article to inform you of the best perennials which will live for several years and look gorgeous in your garden. I hope the following article helps.

I would suggest the following perennial plants –

Alyssum Saxatile Compactum

This plant is commonly known as the basket of gold and flowers between mid June through the September and grows to a height of 8-12″. This plant must be grown in full or part sun and doesn’t cope well in the shade. It features little yellow showy flowers on a mounded plant. This flower is great because it’s tolerant of most soils but needs a space of 8″-12″ apart from anything else. This great plant attracts beautiful butterflies and is ideal for rockeries, beds or borders.

Platycodon Grandiflorus

This plant is commonly known as Balloon Flower or Sentimental Blue. This lovely, delicate looking flower blooms from mid to late summer and grows to a height of 6″-8″ tall. This plaint should receive sun part of the day and shade another and is best in organic-rich, well drained soil. This flower needs a spacing of 12″ and should be kept moist and faded blooms should be removed.

Don’t forget that if you wish to purchase perennial plants online I would recommend purchasing them with voucher codes to save money online. Have fun gardening!

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