Kitchen Compost Containers

Kitchen Compost Containers-ponder the choices…

Many gardeners are missing out on joys of composting in the kitchen because they do not need to manage the mess and do not know that there are ways to have no clutter compost containers.There are ways to reduce or even eliminate odors and fruit flies from the kitchen compost containers. Any large plastic covered tub work well. If you have 3-4 of these- you can just pop it in the dishwasher once it gets dirty. As long as the container is sealed when inside- insects shouldn’t be attracted, and the odor will not escape.

Use Kitchen Compost Containers-feel good-reduce waste

Organic matter that will decompose naturally constitutes a large part of trash. Approximately 30% percent of all municipal solid waste is made up of yard trimmings and food scraps. Instead of sending billions of tons of waste into the landfill, you could compost it to make nutrient-rich compost. . .free fertilizer!

If you can get by the fear of having a stinky mess and find the right kitchen composting containers… Composting is really easy because you don’t have to do anything! Many composting gurus will tell you your need to aerate, or you need to turn the debris- this will hasten the procedure– but its not mandatory.   When you recycle your organic waste- you gain by lessening your garbage and add nutrients to the soil for healthier plants that are disease resistant and will yield more create.

Kitchen Compost Containers can be appealing

Many kitchen enthusiasts pride themselves on a trendy and attractive kitchen. They cringe at the notion of “garbage” sitting on the counter. There are solutions to that problem. There are several different attractive kitchen compost containers available online.

Kitchen Compost Containers-An easy way to store kitchen scraps and cut down waste

Many homeowners do not bother with composting because they do not need a heap of food scraps stinking on the counter. A Stainless Steel Kitchen Compost Pail is a practical and environmentally friendly kitchen accessory that is fantastic for convenient, clean and trendy recycling of organic food bits, and contains charcoal filters to help keep you kitchen fresh and odor-free.
It is attractive and durable- it will probably last a lifetime.

Read more about composting and “Kitchen Compost Containers”. Start composting your food scraps instead of tossing them in the garbage. Recycle kitchen waste that has potential for fertilizer. It is a way to give a little something back to our beloved earth!

All Yellow Flower Garden Wows Your Neighbors

Would you like your flower garden to be noticed by passers-by?

Start with annuals as little transplants in the garden center and you’ll see results in a few weeks. There are many varieties of yellow or gold annuals to choose from.

Place a few tall sunflowers at the back of the flower bed. Sunflowers come in several heights; aim for a variety that is four to five feet high. This will form the background of your garden. Add tall yellow marigolds in the front of the sunflowers; choose a variety that grows 3 to 4 feet high. Mix in a few yellow or gold zinnias.

In the front of the zinnias, put another, shorter variety of sunflowers and also another shorter type of yellow marigold. Sprinkle in some calendulas–they come in a mixture of yellow shades–and maybe yellow petunias.

For the front of the bed, choose either Milkmaid or Moonlight nasturtiums, both yellow varieties. Helenium is a daisy-like blossom that grows 12 to 15 inches tall. There’s a variety called Dakota Gold whose feathery foliage will contrast nicely with the bold leaves of the nasturtiums. Put some helenium near the front of the bed.

There is even a yellow selection of snapdragons, but they’re usually part of a multi-colored mix. You could sort them out if you found enough blooming at a garden centre. Yellow rudbeckia daisies are heat tolerant and will bloom all summer and into fall. Varieties are available in heights from 18 to 40 inches high.

Keep in mind that all the flowers don’t have to be the same shade of yellow, as long as they’re in the yellow family. Flowers in colours from the palest yellow to the deepest gold will combine to create a stunning display in your yard. The warm yellow tones really “pop” in the landscape.

Since you’ve used annuals, you can plant the same garden next year or alter it around. Or if you are really in love with the yellow garden, plant among all perennials.

But that’s another article.

Sharon Sweeny divides her free time among her backyard in Minneapolis, alternately ignoring or juggling half a dozen imaginative endeavors, and blogging on gardening while pondering the exact location of Frostbite Falls, Minnesota.

Chia Herb Garden

A chia herb garden is essentially a container garden. Containers come in several forms, and chia is a form of container gardening that uses small containers and those green sponges from which the herbs grow. Having a chia herb garden is a very clean and effortless way of gardening, and you can place them anywhere in your house or have multiple small herb gardens in various parts of your home.

When establishing your chia herb garden, make certain the containers you purchase are food safe, particularly if you would like to harvest your herbs for cooking and tea. Do this is you don’t intend on using the chia container. If a plant container is not food safe there will be a label. Colorful containers tend to have iron and other chemicals used to make the glossy and pretty, which is great for different plants but can influence a plant made for human consumption. If you want your chia herb garden containers to have your personal flair, you can decorate them yourself with non-toxic paints. Make this a day activity with your children, and maybe you can assign them their herb plants to decide on the herb container that they painted.

Like all container gardens, many stores sell them growing to present their gardeners a jump start. Many gardeners want the reminder of an actually growing plant so that they can tend to it. This gives you a crash course at taking care of your plants, and being able to harvest from your herbs straight away.

Some herbs grow quite quickly though, and in the event you are going to be maintaining your chia herb garden indoors then the warmth of the indoors will be a fantastic environment for seeds. That’s one of the best things about the chia herb garden, it can grow inside! Grassy herbs grow faster than others, so that you can invest in these if you want to start from seeds, and the gratification will come sooner than many!

Chia herb gardens are not only pretty because of the herb plants you put in them, but the arrangement that you set them in can be part of the layout as well. With smaller herb gardens, it’s really easy to have fun with layout and change it up every month or two if you get bored.

Pick the herbs for your chia herb garden well. You don’t want your herb plants growing to tall or too bushy or within a design you will get tired of. Check at how tall and wide your herbs will grow so that you know where to place them around your garden. You don’t want your plants cramping one another and stifling one another’s growth, usually pruning will do the trick, but positioning them well can save you from a great deal of pruning trouble.

Remember to place your chia herb garden by windows or outdoors from time to time so that they get a nice and healthy quantity of sunlight. The requirement will state so on the box. Finally, make sure that you water your chia herb garden every few days, and if you are afraid you’ll be forgetful look to determine whether there are a few chia containers which self-water. Just make certain to check the condition of the sponge for moisture and also the condition of the leaves for wilting.

Want to learn more about herb gardening and how to get started? Begin by studying the basics on herb gardening at dawn to Herb Gardening, and start your herb garden today!

Pest Control – Ants

Has your house been invaded by tiny little black ants? Mine has and I know how difficult it is to find a pest control product that works for them. You spray them they come back. You squash them they come back. You wash every inch of the area they’re in and they just keep coming back.

What are these items?

They are Argentine ants. Coffee ships from Brazil brought them here in the 1890’s and they liked it so they stayed. They are a control nightmare. These tiny tiny black ants terrorize another insects. They could beat up even wasps by out numbering them and wreak havoc on all the other ants around disrupting the natural eco system in a place.

Why are they in my house?

They are shopping for food and your house is the best grocery store in town. They also like to come in for water as well and you might find them roaming all over your sink and toilet. The fantastic news is they do not actually like to live inside of your home. They come in on a regular basis. Much like a teenaged boy they’ll wander all over your house and eat everything in site then scamper out again without even doing the dishes. The bad news is they are a pest control issue.

Argentine ants do not reside in a single colony like fire ants do so getting rid of them is not as simple as killing a single queen. These ants frequently have several queens with satellite nests. As a matter of fact that there are usually so many that these tiny rodents can overwhelm an adult bird to kill and eat its own young.

How do I get rid of those tiny terrors?

As you already know Insecticide sprays do not work. Really the only way to eliminate these ants is by using a pest control bait especially made for them. They’ll then take the bait back to their many queens and finally kill the colony.

Do you want to eliminate ants?

Organic Home Gardening

In todays Morden lifestyle people dont know how the fruits and vegetables are grown, a few of the fruits and vegetables come for far distant lands Mexico to Africa, where the climate is ideal to have good yielding in the farms, bright sunny days with lots of fresh water allows trees to grow faster and create high quality of organic produce which we use everyday in our life.

Lot of people are cultivating small Vegetable Garden to select fresh produce grown by hand without using any Morden farm machines and there is no use of Chemicals and Fertilizers, this type of farming is picking up in Netherlands a lot, people like to grow fundamental fresh herbs and vegetables that may be used in daily cooking. You may also get tuinlease to cultivate vegetables.

Compared to colourful flower garden that exists for aesthetic purpose, a vegetable garden typically comprises a compost heap of several small plots where you can grow a couple of kinds of plant variety, this family garden concept is from world war II era, where people had small garden at back yards of every home which were called as Victory Garden which supplied veggies to families and freed up resources for the military. And the best thing is you save on shipping cost, as you only have to go and select fresh for everyday consumption.

Sustainable living is picking up in several areas of the world, people avoid foods that are shipped from far of countries as the fuel to ship these produces add lot of pollution to our air, another advantage of home gardening is you dont use any power machinery and you must do the gardening traditional way using hand tools, this is an exercise that can allow you to be fit and healthy. There are also consultants who assist you to setup your home garden and give you advice also.

To find out more tuinbeheer and tuinlease website.

A Garden Herb

What makes a garden herb that is good? When looking at the list of herbs you can plant in your garden, search for how tall and wide they will be. Check the color of the flowers that will bloom or what type of leaves they will have out.

Some good garden herbs are:

1. Lovage
This herb is wonderful for cooking, and it helps the growth process of all other plants around it. Best of all, lovage is a plant that can survive the winter. You won’t have to replant these.

2. Lavender
A herb that can substitute as decorative flowers. Lavender flowers are really pretty and you can grow them to line your walkways or paths. The herb flowers may be used to create fresh herb or dried herb tea. Their delicate scent is also always welcome to anyone’s senses. Lavender soothes all around, and definitely suites any backyard.

3. Jasmine
Like lavender, jasmine makes a excellent tea and great decorative plant also. Plant jasmine by your patio, or near the middle of the garden fountain. The dainty jasmine flowers complement any plant around them, and their scent is reminiscent of fairy tales and dreams, a fantastic past time to do in your pretty garden!

4. Sweet Woodruff
Another herb with a gorgeous flower. Plant these nearer to your house, maybe line the previous step with its flowers. You may even plant this next to your lovage and assist its development along.

5. Basil
Finally, there is basil. It is a good all around herb that is used all of the time. For those who have a small vegetable patch in your garden, plant basil beside your tomatoes and taste the tomatoes getting sweeter as the basil gets stronger. If pruned right, basil can resemble a excellent plant with no many people realizing that it is a garden herb.

As a gardener, there are many ways that you could find herb plants and situate them to make them look like they are regular plants in your backyard. It is clear that not everyone wants an elaborate herb garden or a garden that looks like a mini vegetable farm. So check out all of the herbs, their flowers, and their peaks. Think carefully and you’ll find you have many a backyard herb it is possible to work with!

Not only does it relieve stress, but the numerous herbs prove to be very useful around the home also.

Planting Wild Flowers In Your Garden

Flowers are beautiful to look at and admire. It’s thrilling to collect them for our Flower vase. However, planting a Flower is possible so long as you have a enormous open Garden at your dwelling.

It’s not so easy to grow Flowers that are wild. Because it belongs to wild type it doesn’t mean that it needs no care or damaging pesticides. Wild Flowers need space that is wide and open to grow. They need everyday to minimum eight hours of sun. The Soil should be rich in nutrients and drained.

Wild Flowers do not grow well in tough soil and water that is extra. Wild Flowers can not grow if it’s always damp. Dampness is not a location for Flowers to grow. One who is interested in exploring the wild Flowers business has to understand where the individual lives in, what sort of neighborhood Flowers that are wild would fit the location.

The advantage of developing Flowers is controlling weeds in your Garden. The Weeds will keep the area free from your Garden which was a hard job for you to clear this up, if your Garden will get wild Flowers. Wild Flowers and both weeds love sunlight. So both will grow out on the surface of the floor to acquire. This will help the wild Flower grow than the Weed.

This information is clear that in the event you have a Sunlight place in your garden you can grow Flowers which can help to control Weeds. However it’s not always a good idea to pick unless they are in abundant or weedy or dig up Flowers in quantity.

Wild Flowers that are not abundant ought to be picked or dug up very carefully because it may end the life of that species. Protecting wild Flowers is our duty as we protect our Garden Flowers. Since we find gorgeous and rare variety of Flowers grow them in plenty if we could do and we can attempt to provide protection to them.

There are varieties of Flowers you can see inside them. You can see unique and bright Colors . Admiring them is a true gift. And growing them is activity.

John Gibb is the owner of flower sources [] , For more information on blossoms check out []

A Patio Herb Garden

Your patio is a space that appears uninviting and bare. By planting a herb garden you can maximize the usage of this space. It’ll make your patio appear more attractive and you will even benefit from the herbs that you plant on your patio. This spot can be a place for you to sit and enjoy the new “aromatherapy” atmosphere an herb garden can give you. Your herb garden will also offer fresh herbs to use in cooking, crafts, and home remedies to you. Here are some hints on how to get the best patio herb garden.

Hint #1. Plan what to plant. There are a wide assortment of herbs to choose from. You can make your decision based on what you want to utilize, how they look or on how long they live, the weather conditions of your area.

Tip #2. Plan where to set them. Create a layout of where you will set the plants according to their needs. Lovers should be set nearer the house and the herbs that need more sun can be placed in the more sunny location.

Hint #3. Choose small or moderate size herbs. Herbs that are large planted on the ground or are placed in containers. As this will allow them to thrive it is better to plant the herbs that are smaller.

Hint #4. Choose the right container for your plant crops. There are numerous containers and pots you can choose from and these can match the look of your house and set the ambience you desire. The containers and allow your plant to get space pots will last you a long time and will give proper drainage.

Hint #5. Planting a few herbs can be done by picking your herb according to whether they are annuals, biennials or perennial and have essentially the herb care requirements.

Hint #6. There are ways of turning a ceramic or glass decoration into a planter. Look around your house or buy what you need. Clay pots can be painted with colors you prefer and designs.

Tip #7. Be sure to use the proper kind of potting soil. Herbs that are various need different kinds of soil for them to thrive. Buy the kind or mix your own.

Hint #8. Older people may have difficulty, although lugging around a heavy watering can may be fine for some people. Taking care of an herb garden is an activity that can be done by kids also.

Make sure you can reach your plants easily. Needing to maneuver around pots and pieces of furniture will make maintenance more challenging. Place it on a desk, if an older person with a problem that is back might have to bend down. If kids will be watering, place on a bench or the floor that they can reach.

Ginny Greene is an herb garden enthusiast. Visit Herb Garden Center for tips on growing herbs and using them!

Herb Garden Kits

It is so nice and convenient to be able to grow the herbs that you enjoy right at your home. Buying a garden kit is quicker and simpler than using pots, buying soil and finding seeds. Additionally, it saves a lot of money by not buying these herbs at the shop. The prices vary from as low as $ 10 or as high as $ 300, depending upon the kit. Health is the main aim of the herb garden kits. By having these herbs at your fingertips, it’s probably that you will be using all the time to them.

Merely some of the herbs included in these kits are mustard and thyme, dill, parsley, basil, oregano, cilantro, chives, savory, sweet marjoram. This is a great variety for your salads every day. They’re also great for brewing herbal tea.

The herb garden kits come in various forms and themes. They also have various herbaceous plants in each kit to select from. The ordinary kit has seeds of many herbs and some plain containers. Larger kits have seeds to get lots of herbs. These kits have more ornamental containers to spice up your dwelling.

Some kits come with the seeds, if you really want to have convenience. They need water. Dirt pellets and a greenhouse dome are included in the kits. A few of the kits come with an instruction CD-Rom rather than just a pamphlet.

Some of the herb garden kits are made up into a theme. A kit may contain the herbs you will need for Italian dishes. Some are created for medicinal or culinary purposes. There are even kits dedicated to only teas.

You can visit a local nursery and find many kinds of herb garden kits. There are also several websites where you can shop for the kit you want. Maybe is a good idea. Shop around to find the best herbs at the lowest prices.

If the kit is not where a great deal of sun comes in, with some kits you might need to find the proper lighting. Whichever herb garden kits you select, you’ll be beginning to live a more healthy lifestyle just by doing a little gardening in the house. So imagine what you want to do with them and look and get growing. Herb kits are a great addition to any house or apartment.

By: Keith Greene

Author: Keith Greene – is author and a herb garden enthusiast. He spends his time teaching others and resides in Indiana. You can also sign up for a on herbs.

Hydroponic Herb Gardening

There has been a huge push for organic and food that is natural. Among the best ways for a person to get food that is more healthy and therefore natural is to grow it themselves. A excellent way for at home gardeners to grow their own plants is via herb. Among the advantages of hydroponic gardening is that plants and herbs can be grown year round.

Another benefit of hydroponics is that this type of gardening is accessible for people. This makes hydroponic gardening perfect for men and women who live in urban areas or have limited space to grow their plants. This type of gardening also cuts down on the amount of maintenance that people must put into their gardens. Crops that are grown in a hydroponic environment on the other hand require little care although gardening requires maintenance and weeding. It’s more difficult for pests such as insects, groundhogs and other things that could destroy the herbs to be harmed by plants since there’s no soil. This means that the gardener will have a greater yield in their harvest because they will not be loosing plants to these factors. It will keep the plants letting herbs to be grown year round since hydroponic herb gardening is done indoors.

One benefit of hydroponics is that it eliminates the use of harmful fertilizers and pesticides. Fertilizers and pesticides that are used in gardening are harmful to the environment and can contribute to even, and air and water pollution greenhouse gas emissions.

Among the downsides of hydroponic herb gardening is that it does require a significant amount of electricity. The lights that are necessary for this type of gardening use a large amount of energy and can increase the bills of a home quite a bit. The benefits of hydroponic herb gardening are huge if you’re interested in growing herbs that do not destroy the environment into getting your hydroponic herb garden started, you may want to look, and taste better, last longer.

For more information on creating and maintaining a home herb garden, please visit