Interested in Climbing Roses? Try These Varieties!

Many home gardeners find the beauty and fragrance of the rose to be alluring. These types of plants have been labeled difficult to grow by many people as these gardeners are more familiar with delicate modern rose types. Old garden roses tend to be healthier varieties that are easy to grow and resistant to disease. If you are searching for a climbing rose to fill that trellis or hide a wall, consider planting an old garden Noisette rose climber.

There are many types of Noisette roses that are available in a wide variety of colors, styles and sizes. These beautiful roses were developed right in the United States in the early 1800s when China roses were crossed with musk roses. The result was a vigorous grower that produces lovely flowers all summer long.

Blush Noisette: Blush Noisette was is an American developed flower that originated in the early 1800s. Blush Noisette is well known for its semi-double flowers. This climbing rose can grow up to a dozen feet tall and produces elegant, fragrant pink flowers.

Champney’s Pink Cluster: This type of climbing rose is another variety that produces pink flowers. It grow rapidly and can be trained to climb almost anything. Keep your trimmers handy because this plant will overtake your garden if ignored.

Cloth of Gold: For those that are searching for a climbing plant with yellow blooms, consider this variety. Cloth of Gold performs best in a warmer location. Its fragrant flowers will not disappoint.

Golden Chain: If you are looking for a climbing rose that has the best of yellow and pink qualities, this variety may be for you! This plant produces elegant flowers and will grow well in most environments. It does not tolerate frost well and should be protected in the winter.

Climbing roses can be very easy to grow. This old garden variety of roses is an excellent choice for most home gardeners because they will rapidly grow and they are resistant to many diseases and pests. Most Noisette roses make perfect backyard climbing specimens. If you are searching for peach, red or white varieties, this class of old roses offers those too.

If you are not looking for a climbing rose, keep in mind that there are other types of old roses that are hardy and can be grown by novice gardeners. These types of roses are regaining popularity as that secret becomes more well known!