How To Turn Your Lawn Into A Vegetable Garden

How To Turn Your Lawn Into A Vegetable Garden

In this video I’ll show how I removed my weed filled lawn then amended the soil and create garden and beds to grows a wide range of fruits and vegetables.

Here is a full video list of every step I’ve taken so far to create and maintain an incredibly productive and widely diverse organic vegetable garden.

Step 1. Soil Test:

Step 2. Soil Prep (this video):

Step 3. Pathways:

Step 4. Irrigation:

Step 5. Planting:

Step 6. Tomato Trellising:

Step 7. Trellis Build:

Step 8. Fertilizing and Maintenance:

Step 9. Fall Garden Prep and Planting

Step 10: Pest Management (Organic)
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My favorite soil amendment/potting soil:

Other favorite organic soil amendments and fertilizers

Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer (Blood Meal):

Soil Ripper:

My Favorite Home Soil Test Kit:

Other products I use:


Music: Morning Mandoline by Chris Haugen