How To Plant A Vegetable Garden

Vegetable gardening is a great hobby to get into, can relieve a good deal of stress, and is excellent for saving money during those spring, winter, and fall months. It is quite fun! By growing your own food, you’re limiting the amount of money that you’re spending at the grocery store. However, many men and women who could be interested in growing their own vegetables may turned off by the fact that it “seems” hard to do. What these folks are unaware of, however, is that vegetable gardening is in fact quite easy to do.

The first thing you will need to do when beginning your own vegetable garden is to set aside a small plot of land to use for planting. It really doesn’t have to be anything big, depending on what you plan on growing naturally, so don’t think it does. A foot by 10 foot area is a lot. Be sure not to pick a shady area, as vegetables will need sunlight to grow full.

Next, you’re going to need to till the land. You can do this with a garden ho and weeds or grass. You can even use a gas. These work great and can save you a lot of time if you’re going to be planting in a large area. They aren’t suggested for small areas however, since they can cost upwards of a few hundred bucks, so they wouldn’t be worth it. Bear in mind while tilling that you ought to be creating crests and troughs (high points and low points) in the dirt.

The next step is to get seeds out of the regional grocer, produce store, hardware store, and even a local farm. Simply take these seeds and plant them according the instructions on the package. Most vegetables have some different instructions, i.e. to plant the seeds at different depths in the ground, so make sure to follow them precisely.

Now you will be ready for watering. Watering once a day should suffice. So long as you keep the ground moist enough; don’t let it get too dry. At the same time, do not drown the plants. If a puddle begins to form around the base of the plant, it means that the ground is already saturated, and additional watering is not required; so stop watering it for the time being.

With these suggestions in mind, you will soon be on your way to a healthy vegetable garden that can bring you great tasting and healthy meals for a great 6 months from the year!

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