Herbs and Growing Tips

My father, and grandfather before him, introduced me to their herb garden, and their herbs and growing techniques 30 years ago, when I was a child. I grew up witnessing first hand, the gifts of good health our herb garden gave to our whole family.

Step 1: Choosing which herbs to grow

Because the variety of herbs is so vast, getting started can strangely, be the hardest part of herb gardening. As far as problems are concerned, this is not a bad problem to have. However, here’s a tip to get you started and over the first hurdle. My advice is to focus on the Culinary Herbs when starting your first herbs and growing project. Culinary herbs are herbs you will be using in the preparation of your favorite foods. I recommend the following herbs.

* Oregano

* Thyme

* Basil

* Cilantro

The impact that this simple start herb garden will have on your food choices and more importantly, your health, will be dramatic. You will immediately notice that your simplest and most familiar dishes will become new and delicious in ways that will be surprising, to put it mildly.

Step 2 : Simple herbs and growing tips

When you’re preparing the environment, these same basic steps apply to almost all herb garden plants.

* Fresh nutritious soil mixed with compost or organic matter from the plant nursery

* A well drained garden plot or pot if you are growing herbs in pots

* Lots of sunlight or the right kinds of grow lighting for indoor herb gardening

In my next article I’ll be discussing how to choose and grow the best herb garden plants.

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