Grow Organic Herbal Teas at Home

Growing Herbs Will Result in a Choice Organic Herbal Tea!

Growing herbs for tea is becoming very popular. Organic herbal teas are easy to grow at home. Many grow herbs to add flavor for cooking, while others grow herbs to improve or promote good health.  Whatever your reason, herbs added to a cup of tea or brewed alone makes a refreshing and flavorful drink. Picking herbs for your choice organic tea from the garden is always an adventure for the senses.

I love being able to go into the garden to decide what I might enjoy as my tea today. Seeing my herb garden brings me such pleasure. As I bend down, the scent of the herbs is in the air. As I pick the herbs for my tea, the scent becomes stronger and the oil from the plants stays on my hands as I wash the leaves to prepare my tea.

It is important when using fresh herbs for tea that you take time to rub the leaves to release their fragrant oils.

The aroma of my brewed tea fills the house as I allow my tea to steep. Yes, it is a simple pleasure I enjoy often.

I grow many herbs in my garden. Some of them I keep in planters to bring indoors during the fall and winter months. I do take time and dry many of my herbs for future use for cooking as well as for tea. This way I have my home grown tea all year round.

When making a cup of tea with fresh herbs, you use about the equivalent of one tablespoon for each cup of tea you are brewing. When you use your dried herbs, you use about one teaspoon for each cup of tea you are brewing. Allow each to steep about three to five minutes before removing the herbs.  

Growing herbs is easy and you do not need a lot of space to do it. A window sill and a sunny spot is a perfect place to grow your favorite herbs. I do grow several pots of my favorite herbs so that I never run out!

More grow organic herbal teas at home. Growing herbs will result in a choice organic tea.

Here are a few herbs that are great as a stand alone tea or as an addition to already brewed tea:

Mint is one of my favorite herbs. This is a hardy plant that will take over your garden, so I always plant it in pots to keep it under control. There are so many varieties of mint today I have a hard time choosing which to grow. Peppermint, spearmint, orange mint, lemon mint and even chocolate mint are just a few of the choices! I always grow spearmint and every year I get adventurous and try another variation. I have not been disappointed by any of my choices. I always enjoy green tea plus any mint for a great glass of  ice tea.

Chamomile is a must for any tea gardener. This is an herb that you use the flowers instead of the leaves to make tea. Its apple like flavor and scent has been brewed for centuries to calm and promote relaxation. It is also a tea that has properties that soothe the throat and enhances the immune system.

Lavender is something grows too large to be put on a windowsill. It is a very aromatic herb that promotes sleep and relives headaches. Lavender has a sweet, floral taste that goes well with mint for a flavorful cup of tea. This is another tea that is made with the flowers of the plant.  

Lemon balm has a unique lemon with a touch of mint flavor. For centuries many drank lemon balm tea to enhance and promote longevity. Today many drink lemon balm tea to treat colds and flu and to lower blood pressure. It is said that it is also known to aid indigestion. Lemon balm is another herb that goes well with mint.

Growing Herbs at home is fun and inexpensive. It is easy to grow organic herbal teas that result in a choice organic teas right from the garden! It doesn’t get any better than this.

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