Gardening Vegetables In Raised Beds – Most Effective For Vegetable Gardening

What does raised bed gardening of vegetables mean? And why would you use this form of gardening? In case you have already seen pictures of raised bed farming, then you would have thought that they resemble large planters which allow the growing of various plants away from the actual ground. Most often they happen to be man made. And it is true, you too can create some of your own with just a little help using wood and planning. This type of gardening has many advantages also.

The Benefits

This form of gardening is beneficial to both the plants you plan to grow and you. One example of how it makes your life easier is that when you grow plants at a raised level then it means you don?t have to bend and crawl all over the garden while doing you?re weeding. It is easier while on knees believe me! This also is a boon for the elderly people who have to otherwise bend and crawl on the garden and it is nearly impossible for them.

Yet another benefit in raised bed farming is that it allows excellent drainage and the plants grow well. There is also the availability of plenty of sunlight. Soil erosion during the rains is a major problem, but only till you adopt raised bed planting. This way all the necessary minerals and nutrients stay in the soil and contribute towards the healthy growth of plants. It also helps to place timbers around this spot of the garden. Because if the water does not drain then it is extremely dangerous for the plants planted there. In raised bed farming the advantage is that this never happens as they are above the ground and water is able to pass with ease. The water retention is perfectly managed and controlled this way.

How to Create One

If a raised bed garden is what you want in your house or gardening area then it is quite a simple process that you have to follow. First create a perimeter surrounding around the area of plantation or where you intend to build the raised bed garden. Normally wood and certain other materials are employed to do this. Place a huge layer of sand at the bottom of the bed to helping drainage of water. The bed can be made short or tall as you like and the depth and the width can remain the same. Pile it up with top soil or clean dirt that contains all the necessary nutrients required to help the growth of plants.

This form of gardening I would say is the ideal way of gardening. Though it takes some time to set up. After the work is done, it becomes extremely easy to maintain the garden.