Gardening Plants – The Aesthetic Value Of Herbs

When we hear the word herbs, the first thing that crosses in our minds is their medicinal value. Other people would also think about their culinary value as well as their aromatic worth. Only a few would think that herbs are so versatile that they are also great ornamental plants. In fact, if you have a small area to be develop, herbs are highly recommended as gardening plants so that you will not only have the ornamental value of these plants, you will also have their medicinal, aromatic and culinary worth. The following are some examples of herbs and their aesthetic value.

1. Scented Geranium. These herbs are native to South Africa and are perennial plants, but annuals in areas with colder weather. They have a variety of flowers and leaf shapes with aromatic properties. These herbs are better planted in containers or pots, and can be placed indoors and outdoors. Outdoors, geraniums are excellent in lining pathways, as borders, and can also be mixed with other herbs and flowers in your garden.

2. Parsley. This herb is known to be the world’s most popular herb because of its wide health benefits and its ability to heal many ailments. Aside from that, these herbs have also ornamental value making them great as gardening plants. Their abundant green leaves will emphasize the colorful flowers if they are planted in front of the flower beds. They are also great in the edges of pathways or walkways.

3. Chives. These herbs are native to India and China and are known to be the most versatile and productive herbs. From spring through fall, these onion-like herbs produce pale to deep lavender-colored flowers and are excellent outdoor garden display.

4. Sweet Woodruff. This is a perennial herb that requires low maintenance and survives in shady areas. The sweet refers to the refreshing hay-like scent of its leaves and flowers. In mid-spring, it produces tiny, white star-shaped flowers which smell like a delicious vanilla. You can use this herb as ground cover, as edging plant, and you can also plant it on crevices walkways. Aside from that, you can also tuck it in patios and in rock gardens too.

Those are just a few examples of herbs which do not only have culinary and medicinal value but also aesthetic value. They are among other plants (like creepers and shrubs) which are attractive as gardening plants. With the right design, these herbs will surely satisfy your landscaping needs as well as they will also serve in your culinary and medicinal needs.

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