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We dedicate loads of time and money developing a home that is perfect for everyone to enjoy, but there’s an additional ‘room’ outside that with a little bit of effort may be an extension of your indoor living space. To let your creativity run 13, learning the fundamentals of gardening permits you and develop your garden into an ‘outdoor room’ that can suits your character your requirements and those of your loved ones.

First thing to consider when gardening is what space do you must work with and how would you like to lay out your outside room. What activities will take place would or should it function as an additional dining area for al fresco dinner parties you prefer a garden that reflects planting as space that is usable and serves a function that is traditional?

Thinking about the structure and design is the starting point for any gardening project. If cash is limited, consider how you can keep your layout but possibly create points of interest through the use of spotlight planting, eye-catching decorations or avenues that create routes through the garden to and surprises.

Colouring your garden for many seasons. Colour is what makes gardens intriguing. The beauty of a cottage garden style with colour and liberty or the deceptive simplicity of a ‘white garden’ can reflect your design preferences and your personality. In the exact same manner that paint can alter the mood of a room, the changing seasons can be reflected by colour in a garden or make a bold, brash statement. Blocks of colour work well, but consider how each bed will look throughout the seasons and consider how the garden will look in winter and autumn, not just summer and spring. Bold yellows and purples of daffodils and crocuses in spring give way to swathes of multi borders as summer arrives. In the autumn flowers give way to bushes and larger plants providing construction and offering a tapestry of golds, reds and browns and during the winter months evergreens and flowering plants that are late such as hellebores can surprise.

Creating a living space in your garden is something many anglers aim for. Your garden doesn’t just need to be an illustration of your abilities. It may be a space that could be appreciated for different hobbies by creating places that are separate. By sectioning off your garden you create an illusion of having more space ideal if your garden has a limited footprint. While a separate section can be put aside as a play area for kids, A area close to the house is perfect for al fresco dining or enjoying with friends.

How you use this ‘outdoor room’ is limited only by your own creativity. In forthcoming reviews we’ll consider ideas to create rooms that are various and to assist you get the best, which range from cottage gardens through to ultra-modern urban settings.

Mark, a regular writer on gardening subjects has covered all versions of gardening.

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