Flower Gardens – Sweet Smell of Summer

Ahh, Summer in your own flower garden. Butterflies, the sweet smell of ornamental herbs and blooming plants. There is something about a flower that seems to spark something inside of everyone. It could be that the flower is the ultimate reminder of spring and summer. The scent of freshly bloomed roses, the feel of the downy petal of a lily or the sweet sight of a bright daisy brings with it a feeling of joy.

Growing a beautiful flower is not a difficult task, but it does require planning and perseverance. A flower represents the ground from which it is placed and the gardener must know this before attempting growth.

Flowers are like real estate It is all about location, location, location. They must have environments that are suited to their particular needs. Take for example an African violet. This delicate plant’s fuzzy leaves and petals are easily marred by droplets of rain. If winning the local fair’s flower award is in mind, then imperfection in leaves and petals is important.

An Azalea is the chameleon of the flower world. Its beautiful puff ball flower has the ability to change color depending on the Ph of the soil. So, do not freak out if your Azalea is blue and your neighbor’s Azalea is pink. There are feeding systems that can change the color, but you have to first know what the Ph of your soil is. Roses seem to be the most sought after growing flower but they can often be the trickiest. The key with roses is to know what variety you want. A climbing rose bush is not going to do as well as a standing rose bush without some sort of a support system.

Regardless of the level of green thumb, there is a flower for everyone. Most flower manufacturers and growers put instructions on the package and wrapping. If you feel lost, don’t worry the flower gardening team at our site will be glad to help you on your way.

And talk to or owners of gardens you come across when you are on the road. Most owners of great gardens are proud of their creations and will be happy to tell you about them. And as added value nothing boosts property value quite like a well tended yard with flowers. A bonus is the peace of mind that comes with seeing a beautiful flower in bloom right in your front yard.

A flower garden is the ideal way to relax and dream away on sunny afternoons, get outside air and healthy exercise plus as an additional bonus your property is breathing the atmosphere of well being, an added value beyond compare.