First Time Gardener Grows Amazing Vegetable Garden with Little Money

First Time Gardener Grows Amazing Vegetable Garden with Little Money

John from goes on a field trip to an a Backyard Vegetable Garden started just 8 months ago at a Mobile Home Park in Las Vegas, Nevada that was started with little money.

In this episode, you will learn about El Toro’s Backyard Vegetable Garden and why he started growing vegetables and how he started growing food using second hand merchandise he found on craigslist and

You will get a tour of this amazing organic garden and how he is growing many different types of vegetables and some of his learning experiences and growing pains he has faced over the last 8 months that he has been vegetable gardening.

John will highlight some of his favorite areas of the garden and what we can learn from this backyard garden of a new gardener who just started growing food this past season.

Finally, John will interview El Toro, a former competitive eater who has now turned to organic vegetable gardening to keep himself out of trouble and turn his health around.

Interview with El Toro
0:29:29 Interview with El Toro Starts
0:30:00 Is it true that you only started gardening this year?
0:30:25 What motivated you to start a garden?
0:34:50 Why did you start gardening in the first place?
0:40:20 So you use to be a Competitive Eater?
0:45:30 How did my videos affect your life?
0:47:15 Tell me about your shirt?
0:49:18 What are some crops that did the best for you this summer?
0:52:25 Why are you growing dandelions?
0:56:00 How did you get good deals on your gardening supplies?
1:01:54 What did you put in your soil to get these amazing results?
1:03:20 Any Final Words of Wisdom for my viewers today?

After watching this episode, you will learn how you can start to grow a vegetable garden using re-used materials you can get for free or cheap online and the most important gardening material you should not skimp on. You will also discover how you can diversify your garden and be successful no matter where you live. Plus you will learn about one cool tee-shirt and how it came to be.

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