Enjoy a Relaxing Stroll at Baguio Botanical Garden in Baguio City in the Philippines

In Town proper going east about a mile away or a bit less is the Baguio Botanical Garden in the Philippines along the stretch of Leonard Wood Road. Among famous tourist places in the Philippines, it showcases not only plants and flowers but a rich native heritage, too.

It is also known as Igorot Village because of a range of Igorot huts featured in the premises. There are in fact native Igorots drifting there in their customary colorful native attires, some even dressed as warriors, though very friendly and accommodating. Many tourists have their pictures taken with these regional tribesmen in the Baguio Botanical Garden in the Philippines.

It was originally named Botanical Park at the pre-Martial Law years but renamed Imelda Park in the 1970s when Martial Law was enforced in the country, after the then First Lady Imelda Marcos, wife of former President Ferdinand Marcos. Later, after the Marcos Regime, it was renamed Baguio Botanical Garden, and will be officially announced so on the centennial celebration of Baguio City in September 2009.

Baguio Botanical Garden in the Philippines is between the Pacdal Circle and the famous Teachers Camp. From the city, going to this place prices Php 12.00 at a public jeep. This area is in fact among thickly forested tourist places in the Philippines where tranquility and comfort may be enjoyed as folks roam around to appreciate flowering plants many of which are endemic to town.

Visitors are treated to amazing sights of different shrubberies displaying varied colors of flowers and leaves, shady trees, winding paths resulting in Igorot homes, a charming wooden bridge, and a sacred Igorot meeting place that inspires spiritual meditation. There is also a souvenir shop for mementos to remind visitors of the experience of the backyard.

Few tourist places in the Philippines have seeds of unique flowering plants available for sale. In the Baguio Botanical Garden in the Philippines, there isn’t any need to bring home bulky plants in pots. Just buy seeds in small packs and plant them in the backyard as soon as one gets home. They’re easy to grow. Just be sure that you plant them in a cool corner of the lawn. Igorot vendors themselves will instruct patrons on how best to take care of the plants.

After a tiring tour of Baguio, it’s a refreshing thing to stop by the Baguio Botanical Garden in the Philippines and be enthralled by the delightful brightness and bloom of the environment that relieve one of stress and fatigue. Other tourist spots in the Philippines may also supply beautiful natural sceneries, but this garden also provides a look into a unique heritage and culture.

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