Eggplant | Perennial Vegetables for the Florida Vegetable Garden

Eggplant | Perennial Vegetables for the Florida Vegetable Garden

Plant it once and enjoy it for years that’s the beauty of perennial vegetables and integrating permaculture approaches into your garden. There are very few perennial fruiting vegetables, eggplant happens to be one of them only if Florida gardening – sorry northerners! This hardy vegetable is well suited to our climate and is a wonderful crop for the Florida vegetable gardener. Learn how you can plant eggplant one time and enjoy it in your vegetable garden for seasons to come with Elise Pickett of The Urban Harvest. You will learn all about what to expect when growing eggplant including why they flower but don’t set fruit so you can grow your own productive Florida backyard vegetable garden. This Florida gardening 101 lesson will get even the beginner gardener to feel ready to grow vegetables in Florida.

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