Easy to Grow Herbs | Garden to Kitchen: Garden Home VLOG (2019) 4K

Easy to Grow Herbs | Garden to Kitchen: Garden Home VLOG (2019) 4K

In this VLOG, Garden Home host P. Allen Smith gives a Masterclass on easy to grow herbs. Everything from growing and cooking tips to decorating the Allen has you covered in this episode.

Topics Include:
Uses for Rosemary
Types of Basil
Growing Herbs in Containers
Raised Bed Herb Gardening
Tips for Lavender
Rooting Mint
Essential Oils
Allium Varieties
The Many Flavors of Herbs
Mixing Herbs & Flowers

“If you are thinking about growing some of your own food for the first time, I encourage you to start with herbs. The plants are the perfect combination of beauty and function so you can plant herbs anywhere in the garden. Mix them with flowers, grow them along paths, by the kitchen door, or plant them in containers both indoors or out. They are also extremely easy to grow. All most herbs really need are average soil, good drainage, consistent moisture and sunlight.”
~P. Allen Smith

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