Discover A Lush Tropical Paradise At Breathtaking Henarathgoda Botanical Gardens

When one considers the island paradise of Sri Lanka it towering Buddhist monuments conjures up images of magnificent coastlines and lush hillsides heavy with the scent of tea. But theres more to the island nation tried and tested attractions that is its equally attractive plethora of botanical gardens, and that deck brochures travel. Located a mere 30km from the capital of Sri Lanka, the Henarathgoda Botanical Garden is conveniently placed along the Colombo-Kandy road near the town of Gampaha. With its history forever connected to the colonial rubber sector of the island, the Henarathgoda Botanical Garden contains the first rubber seedling to have been implanted in the year 1876 in Asia. Legend says that an English colonial agent brought 70,000 rubber seeds illegally in the Amazon Forest. It is said that almost 2000 seedlings were brought to the Henarathgoda Garden and were used to create rubber plantations nationwide. Situated at an elevation of 33 feet above sea level, this sprawling parkland is home to a collection of trees from across the globe. With several trees among its famous inhabitants, the Henarathgoda Garden serves as a popular recreational point for tourists and residents who love to explore the environs of this enclave.

Although the garden is open to the general public throughout the year, locals and seasoned travellers agree that the best period to visit the botanical garden is after the monsoon season that leaves the place brimming with vibrancy and innumerable blooms. As one of the islands most renowned institutions for conservation, the Henarathgoda Botanical Garden is also engaged in instruction and the development of botanical research and their countrys floriculture. Offering attributes and guests a sensible look, visitors are well advised to visit this website if they want to see Sri Lanka.

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