Connecting a Garden Hose into a Kitchen Sink

There are times when you will have to attach your garden hose to the kitchen faucet, especially if an outside spigot is not readily available or if you want hot water to come from the hose. Filling big buckets or containers from the kitchen sink is hard, and oftentimes impossible if the container is too big to fit into the sink. Large containers may also be rather unsanitary at times as well. Using a hose is a fast solution to these types of problems.

Connecting the Adapter to Kitchen Faucet

To begin the job right, you will need a faucet adapter. This is a device that screws onto the threads of the kitchen faucet, basically enlarging the faucet so that the hose spigot will match. You should be able to easily find this at the local hardware store. Before doing so, however, it’s an excellent idea to cover the inside of the sink with a towel or paper towel to stop anything that is dropped from going down the drain.

When the faucet tip is removed, then screw on the faucet. The seal should be tight, but not so tight that it cannot be easily removed. You should be able to get it tight enough with just your hands.

Connect the Hose to the Adapter

Now it’s time to connect the hose to the adapter. Just like when linking to your outside spigot, the hose threads should line up directly onto the adapter. You should be able to feel if the hose is lined up directly with the adapter.

Once tightened, turn the kitchen faucet hot or cold on to check for leaks.   If leaks occur at the source of the connection, turn off the water, remove the hose and rescrew the hose to the faucet.   If it continues to leak, you might have to seal the screw threads with teflon tape or a sealant.   Again, any hardware store can provide you with these materials.

Once your job is complete, remove the hose, then remove the adapter and reunite the faucet tip as it was when you began.   Keep the materials in a safe and dry place so that the next time you will need to connect your garden hose to a kitchen sink, you will be ready to go.

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