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Tending to My Garden

On Sunday afternoon, I tended to my garden for a couple of hours. My original plan was to work in the garden for most of the day as I have several projects in my garden queue, including transplanting fresh new plants that want a new home, which is a high priority. Instead, I carved out […]

History of Gardening Tools

When we look at the history of gardening tools, it is of course directly related to the history of gardens itself. While the growing of plants, fruits and vegetables is as old as mankind itself, ornamental gardens were first seen in the Egyptian tomb paintings of 1500 BC. The hanging gardens of Babylon are hailed […]

Garden Harvest Compilation

Garden Harvest Compilation

Harvesting JUICY vegetables from my front yard garden is just what I do!!! This video is a massive compilation of harvests from my 2018 and 2019 vegetable gardens. Most people would never suspect that a 19-year-old guy would be interested in gardening, but here I am. Cultivating fresh produce on your very own home turf […]

Vegetable Seeds

A seed is considered the ripened ovule of plants that are either gymnosperm or angiosperm. They are used to produce different plants that bear fruits, vegetables, herbs or flowers. There are many people who like to have vegetables from their kitchen gardens. It gives them a choice to produce the vegetables of their choice that […]

Container Vegetable Gardening Part 2

Previously, when people were suggested that they could do gardening inside their homes, they were taking this suggestion with a pinch of salt. But, now, this concept is a proven one because there are thousands, if not millions, of people who do this container vegetable gardening and reap immense benefits. Due to the extraordinary “vertical” […]