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Growing Mint

Round leaf, Apple, Hairy or Horse, Middlesex, or Spearmint and Bergamot,to name but a few of the many species of mint that are used today. Mint is one of the oldest herbs and comes from around the Mediterranean area, however the plant has been found everywhere expect the Poles. As far as I know there […]

A Perennial Garden Tour

A Perennial Garden Tour

New perennials and shrubs combine in this video to create a garden with lots of texture, color and interest. The plants in this video are: Leading Lady Plum Monarda : ‘Wizard of Ahhs’ Veronica : Amazing Daisies Banana Cream Leucanthemum : Summer Wine Black Ninebark : Anna’s Magic Ball Arborvitae : While You Are Here, […]

‘Double Fantasy’ Christmas Rose

A Shade Loving, Early Blooming Perennial Through the years a variety of plants have come to be called “Christmas Rose”; they are all steeped in a legend that dates back centuries. Most frequently, the plant Americans associate with the Christmas Rose legend is the hellebore. In late winter the first plants to bloom in my […]