Flying Ants 101

Flying ants only appear once a year, usually in the spring after a rain and warm temperatures. Most species of ants will produce flyers. They are both male and female and are the reproductives of the species. Their sole purpose is to mate and perpetuate the world of ants. The 1 day the flyers appear is known as “Flying Ants Day.” The fling ants swarm from the ground and fly for breeding purposes, when conditions occur. The swarms can be thousands and thousands of ants, and they are very visible as they fly in a mob.

The flying ants often mate with ants from different colonies. A male ant will only mate with one female, but the female may mate with a number of ants. After mating, the males lose their wings and a short time after they die. The female flyers find the right landing area and shortly after lose their wings or sometimes, they break off their own wings. The feminine flying ants dig into soft soil and start laying eggs to establish another ant colony. That female becomes the queen and begins the task of building a colony. Sometimes, two female ants will establish a colony together, but within the year, just 1 queen will remain.

The ant colony needs a couple of years to grow and sprout reproductive flying insects. The colony needs to generate several thousand workers before breeding flying ants. The workers look after the colony. They supply food, take care of the young and warn the colony of trouble brewing. The employees borough the way for the remainder of the colony and build intricate tunnels for the ants to travel. They also protect the queen and the rest of the colony in case something attempts to intrude into their colony. If their holes into the surface are covered over, they will re-establish the holes immediately.

Birds, other insects such as spiders and toads and frogs gobble up the little critters. Large swarms offer protection from the predators, but if the flyers are not paying attention to their surroundings, they might find themselves that day’s entree.

Flying ants will sometimes infest a structure. They can be seen in walls and will emerge through cracks and crevices. Flying ants are not much of a problem as they will disappear, but their presence could be a sign of a larger problem.

Stewart Wrighter recently reviewed cost effective methods of managing flying ants and hunted for organic flying ant treatments to include in his report. He discovered easily available household remedies to deal with the pest control issue.

The Pine Beetle in Canada

For a while now, the extremely destructive Pine Beetle ( Dendroctonus ponderosae ) is ravaging huge areas of Canada’s forestlands and its destruction is so virulent, that it is leaving massive and readily visible scars across differently green foliage landscapes.   In numerous areas in which the pine beetle is active, various solutions for its eradication have been tried and some of these in themselves, are so toxic in nature that they would normally be classed as being a bigger risk than the beetle they’re attempting to destroy.

These beetles have an average life span of about one year and generally, their eggs are put through the bark of a tree where they develop into larvae that remain under the bark all through winter.   During the remainder of the summer and into fall, the new adult pine beetles leave the infested tree through emergence holes they create and drying themselves in the warm sunshine, they take off to mate and commence a new cycle by placing another generation’s eggs under the bark of trees that are new.  

During the time they remain under the bark of a tree, they’re known to transmit a fungus type substance that stains the sapwood of the tree a blue colour.   Aside from discoloration, this blue colouring seems to have no adverse affects on the true structural integrity of the tree. However, we must remember that the damage is already done and like a rolling snowball, it gather momentum and variety of spread with each summer that comes.   These beetles prefer mature trees such as lodge pole pines that are considered mature after eighty years of expansion and in the Province of British Columbia, current statistics show that there are three times more mature lodge pole pines than they had over ninety years back.   Dry and hot summers make the trees more stressed and thus more susceptible to infestation and attack by this ravenous little monster.   Trees that have been attacked will turn red roughly 1 year following the infestation and then, between one and two years after the affected trees will turn grey and all of their needles will fall off.

Another interesting fact about these little guys is they do not like it too cold!   Their eggs, larvae and pupae are very susceptible to very cold temperatures and when these temperatures remain below minus 35 Celsius for a lengthy period of maybe a week, then this will kill off the eggs, larvae, pupae and generally sizeable portions of the beetle population in that area of cold weather.   Yes, there are action plans prepared and in place and the Canadian Ministry of Forests and Range are really hoping to get to grips with finding a solution to this costly problem but to date, the efforts and methodology used has had little or no impact on the overall issue.

The fantastic news is that an answer to this gigantic problem does exist and better still, it is an answer, which consists of no chemicals, no toxins, no toxins and no danger to the forest or to the men and women who would apply the solution.   This answer can be found right now in the kind of a gold all natural organic fluid formulated around a lavender oil base.   This fluid can totally eradicate the pine beetle and a few other nasty insects at exactly the exact same time.   It is not cheap but then again it is not as pricey as some of the other therapy which have been tried.   It is non hazardous and will not harm the environment in any way and it is here and available right now.   Unfortunately, for now it seems that here it must remain as the Ministry of Forests and Range are continuing their quest with what they believe they know best.   Maybe someday, hopefully soon, they will realize that we can defeat this organic pest by using an entirely natural substance.

Pest Control – Ants

Has your house been invaded by tiny little black ants? Mine has and I know how difficult it is to find a pest control product that works for them. You spray them they come back. You squash them they come back. You wash every inch of the area they’re in and they just keep coming back.

What are these items?

They are Argentine ants. Coffee ships from Brazil brought them here in the 1890’s and they liked it so they stayed. They are a control nightmare. These tiny tiny black ants terrorize another insects. They could beat up even wasps by out numbering them and wreak havoc on all the other ants around disrupting the natural eco system in a place.

Why are they in my house?

They are shopping for food and your house is the best grocery store in town. They also like to come in for water as well and you might find them roaming all over your sink and toilet. The fantastic news is they do not actually like to live inside of your home. They come in on a regular basis. Much like a teenaged boy they’ll wander all over your house and eat everything in site then scamper out again without even doing the dishes. The bad news is they are a pest control issue.

Argentine ants do not reside in a single colony like fire ants do so getting rid of them is not as simple as killing a single queen. These ants frequently have several queens with satellite nests. As a matter of fact that there are usually so many that these tiny rodents can overwhelm an adult bird to kill and eat its own young.

How do I get rid of those tiny terrors?

As you already know Insecticide sprays do not work. Really the only way to eliminate these ants is by using a pest control bait especially made for them. They’ll then take the bait back to their many queens and finally kill the colony.

Do you want to eliminate ants?

Bed Bug Treatment

Before you begin with you bed bug treatment it’s necessary to do the appropriate preparations for control to be the best. This applies to whether you intend to do it yourself or hire an expert.

All furniture and appliances will need to be pulled away from the walls and baseboards. You need to remove everything from bookshelves and desks; these items need to be treated. Everything in tightly sealed bags won’t need to be treated.

Everything which can be laundered ought to be laundered, you’ll want to do this before the treatment, and then put them in plastic bags to keep them bed bug free. This includes clothes, bedding, stuffed animals, and curtains and so on.

The items should be securely tied inside plastic bags, and then emptied into the machines. You then need to dispose of the empty bag. The heat is what’s going to kill the bed bugs, not the water, so therefore the higher the heat the better. Things should be dried with medium heat to high heat for 40 minutes or more.

If the wash cycle is not possible, then the usage of the dryer is going to be better than nothing.

You should inform your dry cleaners the items which you’re dropping off to dry may be infested; they may or may not accept them.

Vacuuming is a really important part of the control method of bed bugs, it won’t eliminate your problem but can greatly reduce the population of bed bugs, and if a crack and crevice attachment is available it needs to be used on all furniture pieces and anywhere else there’s a possibility of the bed bug hiding.

Baseboards should also be vacuumed using the crevice tool, do not wipe them off with a broom to hand duster. Vacuum bags should then immediately be removed and placed in doubled plastic bags and placed into strong plastic bag for disposal.

Deciding how you handle your mattress, box spring and pillows can be a tricky choice. Some people choose to dispose of the entire unit, but this can be costly for someone and not even an option. Getting rid of the infested bedding won’t solve any bed bug problem. But if you do opt for replacing everything possibly because it was old and was going to be replaced anyway then it ought to be done after treatment has occurred.

Placing your bedding material inside vinyl, polyvinyl or polyethylene encasement is a always a fantastic idea that includes the box spring not only the mattress. Bedbugs are extremely lazy and like to hide near the victim and thus they are generally found on seams of mattresses, or within the structure of box springs. This will permanently seals any remaining insects in the encasement. An encasement is a fantastic idea until you have eliminated the infestation and in case of an extra outbreak the bedding won’t be as difficult a job.

Bedbug infestations are not successfully managed by one remedy alone. And the area ought to be re-inspected in about 2 weeks and retreated if eveidence of bed bugs are recognized.

Here are a few easy to follow steps that needs to be done prior to bed bug treatments. These few steps can help you kill bed bugs effectively. You will need to Remove mattress and box spring from the bed frame and set the upright against a wall for review and possible treatment. You may wish to maintain the encasement. Linens are placed over these encasements, keep them placed in sealed plastic bags throughout treatment.

Disassemble bed frames for review and treatment. Eliminate the tacking, fabric cover, from the foundations of box spring, sofas, and chairs. You will want to Remove curtains and drapes and have them laundered in hot water and a hot dryer if an option or dry cleaned. Replace clean, sealed plastic bag until reinstalling them after treatment has been completed and you’re sure that all the bed bugs are killed. All fabrics must be laundered in HOT water and HOT dryer cycle where possible. Dry clean those items that cannot be laundered. Once everything was laundered replace in plastic bags.

Remove all items from walls mirrors, pictures, other items and leave from the room for review Unhook all cables from electronic and electric devices
Move all furniture away from walls Remove all electric plates on walls electrical outlets, phone jacks, light switch covers, cable sockets. You will need to remove and assess the panels for the heating and air conditioning units and wall vents. Eliminate the baseboards if possible and expose the flooring underneath.

My hope is that this information for preparation for bed bug control treatment will be beneficial for anyone needed to kill bed bugs. Whether you plan on treating your house yourself or hiring a pest control operator this guideline should provide you plenty of information on what to expect.

There are a lot of sites which offers a full line of professional pest management services including glue traps, mouse traps, animal traps for squirrels, moles etc. for all your Do It yourself Pest Control needs. You can now use the same products the professional pest management technicians use at a fraction of the price tag.

Tampa Weather in May and June

Tampa Florida is hot during May and June with a daily high that begins at 85 degrees Fahrenheit in the start of May and climbs to 90 by the end of June. The chance of rain and humidity also increase as time goes by, adding to the hot conditions.

You can visit the beaches in an attempt to stay cool, or swim in one of the many pools. If you want to golf you might want to rent a cart and bring lots of fluids. At least the Tampa Bay Rays play in a domed stadium, so in the event you choose to go and watch the 2008 World Champions of Baseball you’ll be comfortable.  

May Tampa Weather

The highest recorded temperature for Tampa Florida for the last 64 years in May was 98 degrees Fahrenheit, most recently measured on May 26, 1975, and the average high is 86. The coldest day reported in Tampa in May for the last 64 years was 49 on May 8, 1992, while the normal low recorded temperature is 69.

According to National Weather Service historic weather data, on May 1, 1999, the high temperature did not exceed 68 degrees Fahrenheit, the lowest high quantified in Tampa in the past 64 years. The Weather Service additionally indicates that on May 31, 2004, the low for the day did not fall below 79 degrees, the greatest low recorded in Tampa in the last 64 years.

National Weather Service data indicates that the high temperature in Tampa on May First averages 85 degrees Fahrenheit and the high on the final day of May averages 90 degrees. The daily low temperature in Tampa on May First averages 65 degrees Fahrenheit and the high on the last day of May averages 71 degrees.

Tampa generally receives an average of 2.85 inches of rain during May. The most rain recorded in one day in May was 11.45 inches on May 8, 1979.

June Tampa Weather

The record high June temperature in Tampa Florida for the last 64 years was 99 degrees Fahrenheit, most recently struck on June 5, 1985, and the average high is 89. The lowest documented temperature for Tampa for the last 64 years in June was 53 quantified on June 1, 1984, while the normal low temperature for any given day during the month is 74.

United States NWS historic weather data records that on June 11, 1952, the high temperature did not exceed -89 degrees Fahrenheit, the lowest high quantified in Tampa in the past 64 years. Weather Service records also indicate that on June 24, 1944, the low temperature for the day was not measured under 82 degrees, the greatest low measured in Tampa in the last 64 years.

National Weather Service data indicates that the high temperature in Tampa on June First averages 90 degrees Fahrenheit and the high on the final day of June averages 90 degrees. The low temperature in Tampa in June on the first day of the month averages 71 degrees and the low temperature on the last day of the month averages 74 degrees.

Tampa receives an average of 5.5 inches of precipitation during June. On June 23, 1945 Tampa received 9.88 inches of rain, the most rain quantified in one day in June.

Bed Bug Treatment

Many people are put to sleep with the expression, ‘good night time, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs chunk’ as youngsters, however have you actually thought about what mattress bugs had been? Mattress bugs are not as dangerous as everybody thinks they’re, of course. They don’t carry vicious illnesses or suggest uncleanliness–mattress bugs can be picked up with you out having to do something nevertheless they are definitely a amazing deal tougher to eliminate than they are supposed to get. Fortunately, learning easy methods to kill bedbugs won’t be arduous to do in any respect, and many of the things you may have learned about their dogged tenacity to turn your life depressing is not true in any respect.

If you wish to know the truth about how you can remove mattress bugs, then put the mop and bucket down. Contrary to in design belief, mattress bugs don’t give a care on this planet concerning the cleanliness of their surroundings. They are easily transmitted by means of clothing, luggage, boxes, and other cars from location to location and that’s how they survive. Many people strive the procedure of simply abandoning the premises for a while, in hopes that the bed bug spray may be gone when they return but sadly they are known to dwell as much as a yr with out a host to feed off of, so you may need to truly abandon your residence for this tactic to work.

A way to kill bed bugs more easily without having to move out of your home is to utterly eliminate them; this may be difficult as these little creatures can disguise nearly anyplace, from behind the light plate in your wall to below your pillow and mattress, and seal up all cracks and crevices within the home–even the realm between the wall and the molding where the ground meets the wall. Sealing up these areas decreases the probability of the bed bugs locating somewhere to place low until the air clears–literally.

After every part has been exposed and sealed, there are a number of strategies you can use to eliminate mattress bugs but the most sensible by far is steam cleaning. The heat kills the bugs, and after that it’s simply as much as you to wash up the remains and make certain you don’t ever have to manage the bed pest treatment again.

After the bugs are killed, the issue is not the best way to kill bed bug but learn how to keep them gone. If items are accomplished right, not often do bed bugs re-floor but it’s very important at all times keep a watch out for them when you’re traveling, even when you’re staying in the Ritz-Carlton or the Waldorf-Astoria.

Bugs in Pool Water – What Are They and How Do I Get Rid of Them?

One of the issues with an open water system such as swimming pools, is having a horrible infestation of bugs in pool water. If you have a bug problem chances are good it is one of the two I will be writing about in this article.


Waterboatman are oval shaped and small. Luckily, they don’t bite people, but can make the water really dirty of a swimming pool. They consume mosquito larvae which can be helpful in certain places, but definitely not pool water. Their source of nutrition comes from plants and such, including algae, which is a problem most pool owners will need to manage at one time or another.

The easiest way is to take away their food source. In this case, in case you’ve got a waterboatman infestation odds are good you’ve got a little bit of an issue. Take steps to get rid of the algae and they all should be gone. There are chemicals designed specifically to kill bugs so make certain to visit your local pool shop for advice on what’s going to be best for your pool if you want a solution.


Backswimmers are a bit larger than waterboatman and do bite. Their bite is contrasted to that of a bee sting, which is not fun. Backswimmers feed on insects and water bugs. Chances are, when you have backswimmers you’ve got an infestation of another type of bug. (Perhaps waterboatman?)

The best way to get backswimmers out of your pool is to eliminate their food source. On getting rid of any underwater vegetation issues, like algae development, 15, focus. Other bugs that feed off of this vegetation will disappear, taking away a source of nutrition once that’s taken care of.

One thing to note about both these bugs is that they both lay their eggs. I cannot stress enough the importance of taking care of that issue first, not only are you you are also taking away chances of.

Bugs in pool water appear because of poor pool maintenance. However, don’t let that get you down. The truth is a good deal of pool “experts” generally give bad advice as they attempt to convince you to buy their chemicals and equipment, when in a lot of cases you can easily take care of these issues on your own.

These guides will teach you all you will need to know about properly maintaining your pool, making your water blue and saving you thousands of dollars per year.

Clothes Moths are a Problem

The Problem –

There are a variety of insects which may be a nuisance to you and your dwelling. One of these is the Clothes Moth, which has a specific love of certain fabrics. Understanding how to recognise and control of these pests can allow you to reduce damage to clothing and other items.

A Clothes Moth’s features include it’s areas on it’s wings, and seven to ten millimetres long body. Its mouth includes parts. The head has a dark colour and a mouth. When the larvae start to feed on the substance, it will use its body to spin a tiny vessel. Its head and legs extend from the front of the silk covering when it moves.

Clothes Moths like to be found in homes or businesses full of related materials and materials. Some of their foods to chew on include the following: anything containing keratin, feathers, rugs, furs, felts and stuffed animals.

Eggs of Clothes Moths are hard since they usually are coated with substances consumed by the moth to notice. They will move to places which are up where they are hard to spot and can be dispersed, as they begin to grow. The eggs are a creamy white color and over time become reddish once laid. After they’ve been laid, they normally hatch anywhere from 4 to 7 days. The larvae also like to feed on furniture and clothes, causing the most harm. The adult moth does not feed on these items.

What to Do?

It is critical that they be brought under control as soon as you’ve detected these insects. Control can help you to do so, using the correct methods to get them. This can include things like vacuuming the carpet and treating them to kill the pests. The adults can be killed by other treatments, like spraying the areas. Those that will need to be focused on are the critters, which make the most damage. Pest inspection can help you to determine if Clothes Moths are in the home. A pest control specialist can advise you on the best ways to keep them from them from settling in the first place if you find them in your 33, and what to do.

Pest inspection Brisbane can help you to detect bothersome insects, such as Clothes Moths. Defence Pest Management uses termite control Brisbane to find, treat and remove them from your dwelling.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants which are usually black in color belong to the genus Camponotus. They are known as carpenter ants since they make their nests in wood. They are large-sized ants. The queen bee measures an inch in length. Their colonies are also found in rotting stumps of logs and woods.

An interesting characteristic of these carpenter ants is that they do not eat wood. They just make holes in the wood by digging into it. Piles of wood could be found lying with their nests. This is a significant indication that the area is infested by carpenter ants. The sound made by them also helps to identity their nests. They are located in the windowsills, porch pillars, roofs, and wooden furniture of our houses. The carpenter ants usually occur at places where the wood is in contact with the earth.

Carpenter ants can be divided into three groups, such as: queen, workers, and males. The workers’ sizes vary making them polymorphous. A colony is thought to be complete once it’s 2000 workers in it. When the strength of the colony crosses the 2000 mark, it is considered to be mature enough to reproduce. The males and queens leave their nests in the months of May, June, and July to make colonies.

The carpenter ants need to be kept under check to protect the wooden furniture and buildings, or else they may damage them. They do not do any damage; but then difficulties may be caused by them, if they are left unattended for a time period. Consequently, it is always better to get rid of them as soon as they are noticed. Furthermore, the wooden structures are weakened by them by making holes. In a recent research done, the carpenter ants have been discovered to have caused considerable damage to foam insulations.

Carpenter ants’ infestation needs to be controlled in order to avoid extensive damage. This scent trail helps them to travel between their satellite colonies and the parent nests. The scent trail also aids in finding and destroying the nests. There are several techniques of eliminating the carpenter ants. The selection of treatment depends upon the nature of infestation.

Stewart Wrighter searched to fix his problem and recently studied cost effective techniques of dealing with carpenter ants. He discovered many remedies available to deal with the pest control issue.

Pest control services

Many individuals prefer to handle the situation on their own by spraying over the counter products and substances or by applying home remedies. The solution would be temporary, although there is no doubt that through these methods, you may get rid of the pests such as bed bugs and cockroaches. Then you have to hire pest control services, if you desire a permanent solution to the problem. By hiring pest control services, you’ll hire specialists who bear the expertise in prevention and eradication of all types of pests. Whether it’s bed bugs, rodents, lizards, or ticks, you’ll have the ability to waive goodbye to them all.

So as to obtain the best pest control solutions, you can ask your neighbors and friends for references. If not you may search through directories, such as yellow pages. It is a good idea to search the internet as large numbers of people turn to the world wide web to cater to their needs due to the fact that a number of companies have set up their websites. You need to screen the companies in order to assure that you make the wise selection since there will be a multitude of options at your disposal. The control company would be the person who has been working in the market for a quite a number of years. The company should hold a license that is valid and moreover, it should specialize in pest control services, for example, there are companies that provide pest control services as additional services and specialize in services such as carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, etc. Since, people all around the globe are now becoming conscious of their environment, it’s advisable to pick a pest control company that uses non toxic compounds that cause minimal effect on the environment, provides powerful and fast results and at the exact same time, does not pose any significant health risks to humans.

All pest control companies employ a group of trained specialists who cover a visit to the place to appraise the situation in details so as to have a clear picture. They also provide expert advice about the appropriate products that should be used depending upon the nature of the problem. In addition pest control companies also offer service backups and guarantees in the event if any type of damage was caused during the course of services to the property and the infestation problem is not served, or the infestation reappear. It is assured that if you opt for the ideal company, your pest extermination would be effortless and free.