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Growing Mint – How to Spot and Deal With the Mint Rust Disease

Mint is a strong resilient plant that is quite able to look after itself providing you don’t over-water it. However, if you are growing mint regularly the chances are that at some stage your mint will be affected by the mint rust fungus. You’ll be able to recognize the mint rust fungus (called Puccinia menthae […]

So What is Up With Ginger – Is it a Spice Or an Herb?

Although most kitchen spice cabinets include a jar of ground ginger, it is usually considered a spice and one does not think of adding ginger herb to a recipe, one would add ginger spice. Ginger spice is added to Ginger Snaps, Ginger Bread, Ginger Ale, Gingered Chicken, and Gingered Pumpkin Cheesecake, face it, the spice […]

Herb Garden Plants – Bulbinella – Better Than Aloe Vera?

Liliaceae Appearance Several varieties of Bulbinella Frutescens exist, some with long, thin racing green leaves, and some having a more yellowish leaf. The most common one is the yellow-flowered plant which looks a bit like a garlic chive but has round succulent leaves and grows to about 150mm (6ins)This is the bulbinella most commonly used […]