Singapore Botanic Gardens ? Is Plentiful

Located in the city of Singapore is the Lovely Botanic Gardens, the Backyard is among the Island’s most visited attractions and it is Now the only botanical park in the world that is opened from 5:00 a.m. to 12:00 midnight every day.     The garden spreads across over 63 hectares and it houses a rich diversity of plant species that have a plethora of roses, frangipanis, ferns and dessert plants. With many more different kinds of plants here and some that, include rare specimens your trip to the botanical garden is going to be a memorable experience.

Visitors to the park can easily access its plant life as the park allows free entry for sightseers. Travellers to the botanical park will discover a lot of attractions and among its most important attractions within its vicinity is located on the western section of its premises and it is known as “The National Orchid Garden”. The scenic orchid area is home to over 20,000 different kinds of orchids and other breathtaking attractions that have the Burkill Hall and VIP Orchid Garden (this attraction was once known as the bungalow of the gardens director). At the VIP orchid garden visitors can see a variety of orchids and some notable titles are Vanda Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Dendrobium Margaret Thatcher, Dendrobium Elizabeth and Kotaishi Hidenka Dendrobium Masako.

The Singapore Botanic Gardens also includes a number of additional attractions and these are known as The Lady Yuen-Peng McNeice Bromeliad House, the Orchidarium, the Coolhouse and the Tan Hoon Siang — a house that showcases a colourful collection of fragrant orchids and other plant species. Other places of interest are the Tropical Rainforest, the Ginger Garden, Evolution Garden and the Jaco Ballad Children’s Garden.

Travellers can take pleasure in a boat ride along these three rivers and enjoy a panoramic view of the garden. There are a number of refreshment stalls and restaurants at the park also and for sightseers looking forward to taking home a souvenir or two will discover the gardens gift shop perfect.

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Botanical Bath With Epsom Salt – Self Indulgence Or?

Do you take time in your busy week for soaking in a bath, or is that a luxury that you can not squeeze into your program? You might make time if you understood the numerous self-care advantages of a botanical bathroom–a bath upgraded inexpensively with organic Epsom salt and herbs. Or with Epsom salt and aromatherapy with essential oils from fragrant plants. This article gives you seven important ways that botanical bathing can boost your health from the outside in.

Internal Cleanse. Both bathrooms and showers can clean your body out, but a natural aromatherapy bath with Epsom salt helps cleanse your body inside. The warmth of the water increases circulation of the blood. The Epsom salt help draw out wastes trapped in tissues under the skin. Essential oils can be added which help tone and accelerate the internal cleansing work of the body’s lymph system.
Nutrients. As the Epsom salt dissolve in the bath, magnesium and sulfates are discharged into the water. These organic elements are absorbed through your skin and can be used by the body in hundreds of internal enzymatic reactions, benefiting your skin, circulation, digestion, nerves, muscles and joints.
Stress Relief. A natural botanical bath boosts your ability to deal with stress. A twenty minute soak in a botanical bathroom with organic essential oils and Epsom salt can be a holiday for your senses. The touch of the water, its soothing temperature, odor, and buoyancy work together to refresh your sensory input, assisting you to get a new perspective about the issues of the day.
Self-regulation. God made our bodies to self-regulate for internal equilibrium, using natural internal procedures. When that happens, take action to assist your body’s natural healing processes get back into equilibrium with a botanical bath.
Mobile care. Neglecting to listen to our bodies can lead to chronically tight muscles, postural distortions, and inefficient breathing, to name just a few of the ways we suffer when we always try to power through life without stopping to take care of our bodies. Unremitting stress can lead to undetectable changes in your blood chemistry, with damaging consequences at a cellular level. The simple pleasure of an aromatherapy bath can be one of the best counter-measures.
In the quiet of your bathroom, take time to notice your self-talk. Remind yourself that time spent nurturing your own health does not need to be selfish. Rather, it can be an exercise in gratitude and humility. Nourishing self-care is necessary if you are to be your best for the people you love.
Deep relaxation. My experience and training as a massage therapist have convinced me that intentional relaxation is one of our strongest allies for healing. The ancient poet David knew that God, as a good Shepherd, “makes me lie down in green pastures”. Hurry is a part of the restorative process for both body and soul. Chronic, low-level inflammation markers-linked to a lot of systemic disorder conditions-increase when people don’t obtain sufficient restful sleep. The comfort of a warm, aromatic bath is a fantastic way to let go, relax, and get ready for a fantastic night’s sleep.

Now you’ve seen just 7 of the ways that organic botanical bathrooms boost your health, I hope you’ll carve out time for therapeutic soaking. Make aromatic botanical baths part of your routine at least two or three times weekly. This is a terrific time to rest in the Lord, talk to Him from your heart, and listen for the Shepherd’s voice to your own soul.

Katie Christine Rhodes is a Licensed Massage Therapist who loves to help her clients turn stresses into stepping stone to greater health. She’s a mother of four, and grandmother of two, who loves finding and sharing successful applications of aromatherapy and other health tips. Find out more about botanical bathrooms and get free botanical bath recipes in her website,

Botanic Choice Review

For more than one hundred years, Botanic Choice has been providing the finest in remedies and herbal supplements.   They are proud to offer herbs that are fresh and the highest quality nutritional supplements available.   Providing solutions and support for a huge array of ailments and conditions, they can help you get on track to a healthier life.   With exceptional quality and value on each product with each purchase, it’s easy to see why they’ve been around so long.

With exclusive products you won’t find anywhere else, Botanic Choice is at the cutting edge of natural health products.   From antioxidants to health products, they’ve got you covered.   That they have a product that can assist you naturally and safely.   Additionally, they offer a money back guarantee which means you will be satisfied with your purchase.   Their knowledgeable and friendly customer service staff will ensure it will be delivered to your front door in no time and that you find just the right product.    

From blood sugar treatments to keep blood sugar levels balanced to vitamins to support your general health and wellbeing, Botanic Choice has everything.   With a wide variety of products for total body health from wrinkle creams to appetite suppressants to heart health products, you are guaranteed to get a healthier life.   It’s really easy to find natural herbal remedies to illnesses and a lot of ailments.   Additionally, on remedies and the latest treatments, you can stay up-to-date with their part of health news.   Regardless of what your individual health care needs are, they could give.   With savings like no one else in the business and the highest quality products, it’s easy to see what’s kept them in business.

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The Botanical Ingredients Are the Lifeblood of Your Products – Know Them

With a plethora of skincare products on the market each containing a multiplicity of botanical ingredients, it is important for the user to understand the role, if any, these phytonutrients play in promoting skin health.

The key ingredients in all skin creams are the base products that compose the body of the cream the most abundant of which is water. These base ingredients have two purposes, the first of which is to impart the specific characteristics of the cream and the second is to act as the vehicle in which are dissolved the botanical extracts. A few examples of these base products are: Water which acts as solvent to dissolve water soluble ingredients, Glycerin which acts as a moisturizer by reducing water loss from skin, Caprylic/Capric Tryglyceride mimics the normal oils within the skin and acts as a solvent for botanicals that dissolve in oil rather than water, Cetearyl Stearate, Cetearyl Alcohol and Glyceryl Stearate act as emulsifying agents providing consistency to the cream, Polysorbate 20 helps to dissolve water soluble compounds, Penoxyethanol is a bactericidal and preservative.

Others include: Dimethicone, a synthetic ingredient that allows the cream to spread easily and will dissolve oil soluble substances, Parabens that act as preserving agents, Paraffins that replace natural oils to the skin, Sodium Hydroxide stabilizes the acidity of the cream, Laureth-7 is a synthetic emulsifying agent that modifies the viscosity of the cream, Sodium PCA is a hydrating agent and part of the NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor ). Phenoxyethanol is a bacteriacidal and maintaining agent, Propylene Glycol is a natural solvent, while C13-C14 Isoparaffin and Xanthan Gum change the viscosity and consistency of the cream. Although this represents only a partial list of ingredients it includes the majority of base products the consumer is very likely to experience when reading the ingredient list of a skincare item.

The active and botanical ingredients contained in face creams include both natural and synthetic components. All the present sun filters approved for use in the United States are synthetic substances that filter the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. UVA radiation is responsible for skin aging and skin cancer, while UVB radiation is responsible for sunburn. The degree of protection against sunburn is reflected in goods SPF rating. The more of a specific sun filter contained in a face cream the higher the SPF. SPF can vary anywhere from 4 to 70, the higher the SPF number the more the coverage. It is important for the user to understand that there is not any direct correlation between different SPF amounts and the amount of protection that a cream provides. It is assumed that a face cream with an SPF 30 offers double the protection of cream with an SPF 15 and this simply not true. In fact, there is only about a 3% difference in the protection offered by a cream with an SPF 30 compared to a cream with an SPF 15.

In Europe, sun protection ratings for skincare products should have separate UVA and UVB ratings. The Europeans use a star rating system. The highest UVA rating is five stars out of five and provides the most protection against the sun’s harmful UVA rays that are responsible for skin aging, wrinkles, and certain skin cancers. It is important for the user to attempt to search out those products that have separate UVA and UVB sun protection factors.

I will attempt to record those botanicals that are beneficial for skin health and their specific mode of action.

Hazel Seed Oil is rich in Vitamin E, antioxidant phenols and proteins that protect and nourish the skin. Wheat Seed Extract protects, smoothes, and nourishes the skin to combat aging, Sweet Almond Oil enhances tone texture and skin color. Rosemary Oil is a great toning agent to reduce sagging skin and puffiness by boosting skin flow.

Acmella Oleracea Flower Extract is a rare ingredient not found in many skin creams. It contains the phytochemical Spilanthol that inhibits the contractions of the subcutaneous facial muscles. Witch Hazel Extract contains tannins and bio-flavinoids that act as an astringent and anti inflammatory for skin. Burdock Root Extraction has traditionally been used as a skin remedy for acne, boils, eczema, and psoriasis.

Marigold flowers have an antiseptic property and are rich in Vitamin A. Chamomile is an anti inflammatory and anti-irritant while Helichrysum Italicum has cytophylatic properties to stimulate cell regeneration. St John’s Wart may play a part in killing tumor cells based on some preliminary clinical studies. Mallow is a plant known since early Roman times because of its ability to soothe rough, dry skin. Green Tea has antioxidant properties and collectively with Gingko Biloba protects skin from cell damage and aging. Grape leaf and Grape Seed extracts are powerful antioxidants with anti-aging properties.

A word should be said about a really significant natural ingredient that the consumer should look for when buying a face cream. Lycopene, the material that gives the red color to tomatoes, is one of nature’s most researched and potent anti-oxidants. There is a large body of evidence that shows the role it plays in skin health. It is shown to protect the skin from the aging effects caused by environmental pollutants and in possibly playing a role reducing the formation of specific type skin cancers due to the daily exposure to the sun’s UVA radiation. Studies have demonstrated that the lycopene should be pure and in sufficient quantity to be of any value. The user can easily look to see where the any botanical appears on the ingredient listing. If it is near the top of the ingredient list it is probably in sufficient quantity, if near the bottom, probably not. Like antioxidants, such as resveratrol, if the botanical isn’t protected in either a liposomal or, better yet, a cerosomal protective envelope it will quickly oxidize and stop to offer any anti-aging skin protecting benefit.

Gary I Weinberger,MD is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and has held teaching positions at both the University Hospital at the NYU School of Medicine and the University of Buffalo School of Health Sciences. He’s currently the Executive Director of Paphos Skincare and in charge of research and product development. His field of expertise is the part of topically applied antioxidants and natural skin lightening products. Gary may be contacted through the website or

Guide to Choose the Botanical Skin Care Products

And it is since that time you will find products available to achieve that. We call that age old wisdom. Why is it then in today’s world we choose not to go by tried and tested way to heal and rejuvenate our skin but take short cuts and use products which actually harm our skin?

As a conscious consumer you may already know that the best way to pick a fantastic skin care product is to examine its ingredients list but what next? Most of the companies follow the least common factor mechanism to be righteous on the claim they make. i.e.. If I state that xyz lotion is a botanical product; I want to stay true for this claim and for that purpose what I will do is; include a botanical oil at the list of ingredients. My claim is true but the lotion isn’t much effective because there is only 1 ingredient that’s botanical; not others.

This is the trick that many cosmetic companies use while they qualify their product for a botanical skin care product.

Nature has provided us with so many terrific herbs and medicines which we can utilize for the benefit of our skin and body. We have to educate ourselves and start utilizing this knowledge.

Now that you know how to keep away from false claims the second step is to discover and examine the active ingredients used in the ideal product.

In today’s world information is at everybody’s fingertips; go on do a bit of research online.
Ask few basic questions to yourself before making a choice.

A fantastic quality skin care product is going to have as high as 40% of active ingredients. And a fantastic company will actually back the claims of ingredients and their quantity by sharing the research results on their website.

Now it is time to start putting these pieces of information together and pick the botanical skin care product that could help you attain the luminous and healthy skin you have always been yearning for.

I invite you to visit my site to find out more on natural skin care products.

Botanical Skin Care is Your Ideal Choice For You

Because in spite of the fact that may be the seller that is better, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is better this is a mistake. More frequently these products are choices for your skin.

Because the significant corporations are going through the motions at this point this is. They don’t need to be innovative when creating their products. The firms have been around long enough that they have their list of followers who will buy anything that they create no matter how ineffective it may be. This doesn’t bode well for anybody.

These companies will never offer skin care products; because the truth is they don’t need to devote the time and money necessary so as to manufacture a formula to you. Organic ingredients cost more to purchase, and they need processing than do their artificial counterparts. Let me let you know what these firms reluctance to invest money could cost you.

In lieu of the healthful, natural chemicals that you need so as to treat your skin, these corporations prefer to formulate their products using mostly chemicals. It is never a good idea to absorb a chemical agent into your body, but the ones are particularly nasty. These chemicals can cause you to come up with all kinds of problems.

These agents have been demonstrated to be organ toxins, neurotoxins, carcinogens, and endocrine system disruptors. They are transported throughout your body, where they then attach themselves once they get into your bloodstream. The effect which these agents can have in your body is what makes skin care products an absolute necessity.

What you will need to do is search for skin care formulas that contain plant based ingredients, proteins, and enzymes, and nothing else. These are the components that you want, because plant oils and waxes provide essential nutrients and antioxidants to your skin.

This is a line of skin care products created by a company in New Zealand, that comes with a part which will stimulate an elevation in the production of elastin and collagen cells. This compound is a duo of proteins which go by the title Functional Keratin. You can be assured that your wrinkles and lines will be a memory when it used in conjunction extract for increasing your hyaluronic acid they discovered.

Botanical skin care products are the option for you. The all natural products will be the way to go, if you want to use formulas that are effective and healthful. You will never be sorry that you put those formulas.

Pam Wollgast is an enthusiast of products relating to health and skin care. She loves to share her passion and prides herself.

3 Must-Try Botanical Skin Care Ingredients!

Using botanical skin care products is one of the best ways to display your skin that you love it. Botanical skin care entails the use of products made with fresh and natural ingredients that will help supply your skin with much needed nutrients.

A growing number of people have grown conscious of the dangers of using products that contain harmful ingredients such as parabens, dioxanes, and alcohol. Now, a great deal of individuals are going back to their origins and recognizing once again the value of organic ingredients when it comes to skin care, such as in the case of botanical skin care.

Now you can find more natural and botanical skin care products on the market. You have more choices and more options when it comes to natural skin care. Be careful though as some companies make botanical skin care products that still contain harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients. Make certain that you read the ingredients list to ensure that it is free from such harmful ingredients.

There are lots of botanical ingredients that are proven to be effective when it comes to skin care. You can find products that include these ingredients in combination for even better skin effects.


Maracuja extract is taken out of the passion fruit. It provides the skin natural moisture which makes it a great emollient. Maracuja extract is also rich in an essential fatty acid called linoleic acid.

It also has antioxidant properties to protect the skin from free radicals which then lead to the appearance of the symptoms of aging.


Grapeseed oil is made by cold pressing Vitus vinifera grapes. It’s easily absorbed by the skin, making it an excellent moisturizer for individuals with oily skin. Grapeseed oil also has astringent properties to help tighten and tone the skin.

Like maracuja extract, grapeseed oil is rich in linoleic acid which helps keep the cell membranes and the tissues of the skin healthy. It also has antiseptic properties which makes it valuable in the prevention and treatment of acne.


Olive oil is a favorite for its culinary uses but it’s skin benefits also. It’s a mild botanical ingredient that is rich in oleic acid. Olive oil also contains antioxidants such as vitamin E to reduce skin damage and skin aging.

There are many other highly effective botanical and natural ingredients that work wonders when it comes having beautiful and smooth skin. Visit my website today and learn what they are!

Tasha D. Crowell has a fire is to write about body and skin care.   She gives the public educational details regarding how you can look after your skin. Visit her website to discover new cutting edge and anti-aging skin care secrets and information!

Enjoy a Relaxing Stroll at Baguio Botanical Garden in Baguio City in the Philippines

In Town proper going east about a mile away or a bit less is the Baguio Botanical Garden in the Philippines along the stretch of Leonard Wood Road. Among famous tourist places in the Philippines, it showcases not only plants and flowers but a rich native heritage, too.

It is also known as Igorot Village because of a range of Igorot huts featured in the premises. There are in fact native Igorots drifting there in their customary colorful native attires, some even dressed as warriors, though very friendly and accommodating. Many tourists have their pictures taken with these regional tribesmen in the Baguio Botanical Garden in the Philippines.

It was originally named Botanical Park at the pre-Martial Law years but renamed Imelda Park in the 1970s when Martial Law was enforced in the country, after the then First Lady Imelda Marcos, wife of former President Ferdinand Marcos. Later, after the Marcos Regime, it was renamed Baguio Botanical Garden, and will be officially announced so on the centennial celebration of Baguio City in September 2009.

Baguio Botanical Garden in the Philippines is between the Pacdal Circle and the famous Teachers Camp. From the city, going to this place prices Php 12.00 at a public jeep. This area is in fact among thickly forested tourist places in the Philippines where tranquility and comfort may be enjoyed as folks roam around to appreciate flowering plants many of which are endemic to town.

Visitors are treated to amazing sights of different shrubberies displaying varied colors of flowers and leaves, shady trees, winding paths resulting in Igorot homes, a charming wooden bridge, and a sacred Igorot meeting place that inspires spiritual meditation. There is also a souvenir shop for mementos to remind visitors of the experience of the backyard.

Few tourist places in the Philippines have seeds of unique flowering plants available for sale. In the Baguio Botanical Garden in the Philippines, there isn’t any need to bring home bulky plants in pots. Just buy seeds in small packs and plant them in the backyard as soon as one gets home. They’re easy to grow. Just be sure that you plant them in a cool corner of the lawn. Igorot vendors themselves will instruct patrons on how best to take care of the plants.

After a tiring tour of Baguio, it’s a refreshing thing to stop by the Baguio Botanical Garden in the Philippines and be enthralled by the delightful brightness and bloom of the environment that relieve one of stress and fatigue. Other tourist spots in the Philippines may also supply beautiful natural sceneries, but this garden also provides a look into a unique heritage and culture.

Seeing the Botanical Garden Cape Town, South Africa

You may have seen Botanical Gardens in your native country, or in your previous journeys, however there are only a few Botanical Gardens in the world that have something extremely unique and special about them. The Botanical Garden “Kirstenbosch” is one such special place that is an ‘all in one’ attraction. It is a prominent and must visit attraction in the city of Cape Town, South Africa.

In this Article, I am just writing an summary of the Botanical Garden Cape Town which will allow you to make your trip special and memorable.


Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens is located across the Rhodes Drive, Newlands, Cape Town Couth Africa.

Opening Times:

However from September to March, it stays open until 7 in the evening.

The landscape or location of the Garden is its most special feature. It offers a stunning view of the town, a quite atmosphere in the back side of Table Mountain.

What to Expect:

Its easy to imagine, what a collection of South African most exquisite flora and fauna will look like when nestled across the Table Mountain in a heavenly landscape. Moreover, it offers diverse and beautiful plants and flowers of the Cape flora, making it the most stunning botanical gardens in the world. You will discover plants from nearly all of the regions of South Africa are on display, including rare succulents from the Richtersveld.

Notable Attraction:

For Botanists it is a terrific chance to see or envision the giant baobab tree, a notable attraction of the garden. Also you can see interesting medicinal plants here.

There are lots of restaurants, in the backyard where you can grab a bite or have your lunch in shade of giant trees, cool breeze and chirping birds.

What to Buy:

The Garden’s must-buy or most memorable slovenlier is ‘a plant’ that you can find at the indigenous nursery. However a gift store for other items is also there.

Not to Miss:

At different times of the year concerts are performed in the open air amphitheatre, check local events calendar before you are buying your flights into Cape Town.

Art is often on display, including big Shona stone sculptures from Zimbabwe.

What Else:

The gardens are also home to the National Biodiversity Institute.

Why Visiting Botanical Garden in Cape Town:

What makes the garden so special is that every season gives you something new to see such as fresh seasonal blossoms, different species of native birds and a heavenly atmosphere for a perfect afternoon trip.

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Discover A Lush Tropical Paradise At Breathtaking Henarathgoda Botanical Gardens

When one considers the island paradise of Sri Lanka it towering Buddhist monuments conjures up images of magnificent coastlines and lush hillsides heavy with the scent of tea. But theres more to the island nation tried and tested attractions that is its equally attractive plethora of botanical gardens, and that deck brochures travel. Located a mere 30km from the capital of Sri Lanka, the Henarathgoda Botanical Garden is conveniently placed along the Colombo-Kandy road near the town of Gampaha. With its history forever connected to the colonial rubber sector of the island, the Henarathgoda Botanical Garden contains the first rubber seedling to have been implanted in the year 1876 in Asia. Legend says that an English colonial agent brought 70,000 rubber seeds illegally in the Amazon Forest. It is said that almost 2000 seedlings were brought to the Henarathgoda Garden and were used to create rubber plantations nationwide. Situated at an elevation of 33 feet above sea level, this sprawling parkland is home to a collection of trees from across the globe. With several trees among its famous inhabitants, the Henarathgoda Garden serves as a popular recreational point for tourists and residents who love to explore the environs of this enclave.

Although the garden is open to the general public throughout the year, locals and seasoned travellers agree that the best period to visit the botanical garden is after the monsoon season that leaves the place brimming with vibrancy and innumerable blooms. As one of the islands most renowned institutions for conservation, the Henarathgoda Botanical Garden is also engaged in instruction and the development of botanical research and their countrys floriculture. Offering attributes and guests a sensible look, visitors are well advised to visit this website if they want to see Sri Lanka.

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