Big October Vegetable Garden Harvest (Zone 5): Local Food at Its Best! 🍅🌶️ 🥗

Big October Vegetable Garden Harvest (Zone 5): Local Food at Its Best! 🍅🌶️ 🥗

It’s late October, but there’s still a lot to harvest from our zone 5 garden. Please join me for a walk around the garden as I gather today’s harvest.

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0:15 Flamingo Beans
2:20 Malabar Spinach
4:02 Paris Market Carrots
4:58 Tokyo Market Turnips
6:04 Straight 8 Cucumbers
7:06 Honey Drop Tomatoes
7:41 Trionfo Violetto and Kentucky Pole Beans
7:54 Blue Berries Tomatoes
8:03 Black Cherry Tomatoes
8:34 Sweet Million Tomatoes
8:44 Marvel of Venice Beans
9:19 Diamond Bell Pepper
9:24 Jimmy Nardello Pepper
9:29 Orange Sun Bell Pepper
9:36 Cayenne Pepper
9:44 Chocolate Bell Pepper
10:13 Japanese White Egg Eggplant
10:27 Black Beauty Eggplant
10:38 Sweet Potato Leaves
10:54 OSCAR!


Porotos Granados:


Baingan Bharta:

Chow Fan Su Ye:

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