Barcelona Parks And Garden Squares

Barcelona in Spain is home to a significant number of squares and parks, each different and with individual charms and special features that never fail to attract the interest of local residents and tourists alike. In this historical city alone, there are 68 municipal parks with 45 of them categorized as urban parks, 12 as historical parks, 6 being forest parks, and 5 being botanical or thematic parks. Each type varies by size and with urban parks alone making up 10 percent of the whole city area.

The Montjuic or Parc de Montjuic in 203 ha is considered the largest among all of the parks in the city. It’s located in the west side and follows the nearby sea. It was here where the 1929 Universal Exhibition was conducted as well as the 1994 Barcelona Summer Olympics. Many attractions can be found in this park which contains the Museo d’ Art de Cataluya, the Poble Espanyol, Fundac, the Fundacao Miro, the Museo del Libro y de las Artes Graficas, Museo Artes e Industrias Populars, the Museo Arquelogia, and Museo d’ Etnologia.

Parc de la Ciutadella, located within the old military citadel, is where one of Europe’s greatest zoos are available. This is where the Parliament building, a zoo museum, a Modern Art museum, two botanical buildings, and another one solely dedicated to paleontological and geological artifacts are found. The favorite Sala Hipostila or Hall of a Hundred Columns is a popular attraction here.

Parc de Cervantes is located in the western section of the Avinguda Diagonal where the University can also be found. It was constructed in 1964 to commemorate General Franco’s twenty-five years of rule and has an enchanting endless view of 11,000 rose bushes of approximately 250 varieties. Parc d’ Atraccions del Tibidabo is a beautiful park known to be the middle of amusement in the city. Parc del Espanya Industrial features an impressive boating lake aligned with ten attractive sculptures by Luis Pena Ganchegui just northwest of Parc de Joan Miro.

Parc de Joan Miro is enchanting and smaller and are available in the north side of Barri Gotic and carries the famous sculpture by Miro. Visitors will be amazed by Parc del Laberint and with its popular labyrinth surrounded by neo-classical mythological statues cloaked by beautiful fountains.

One of the well-maintained beautiful gardens of Spain, three from the city of Barcelona are famous for an assortment of attractions and attributes. Jardins Mossen Cinto Verdageur has the significant statue that honors the”Sardana” Catalan tradition. Nearby is the Parc d’ Atraccion, which is famous for its main attraction called Crazy Rat. This park has all of the fun rides like the roller coasters and ferries wheel and healthy entertainment for families, couples, friends, and young kids.

Jardim de Pedralbes is located in the Avinguda Diagonal, opposite the old Royal Palace de Pedrables and is notably panoramic and also features a beautiful Gaudi fountain. At the southern tip of Parc Montjuic is Jardins de Mossen Costi I Llobera, where visitors can expect to see one of the world’s finest parks dedicated to succulent plants.

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