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Top Monsoon Plants for Your Garden

Each season brings with it, its peculiarities and its set of challenges. Which is exactly what makes gardening a very engaging and enjoyable activity! One summer you’re scurrying around to ensure that your plants keep getting enough water, while during the spring you merely wait and watch the magic unfold. One winter, you’re able to […]

Hibiscus Syriacus ‘Helene’ and ‘Diana’

Two Outstanding National Arboretum Introductions Three different plants are commonly called Hibiscus – the tropical houseplant, the perennial rose mallow with dinner plate-sized flowers that dies to the ground each fall and the Rose-of-Sharon or shrub Althea. Rose-of-Sharons are easy-to-grow, tall flowering shrubs that will bring amazing color to your garden throughout the summer. Native […]

10 Backyard Herb Garden ideas

10 Backyard Herb Garden ideas

More details and credit-related to 10 Backyard Herb Garden Ideas Detail: ———– Highlight: 10. Hanging Herb Garden (00.52) 9. Repurpose Pallet Wood (01.48) 8. Spiral Herb Garden Project Idea (02.26) 7. Hanging Herb Basket Project idea (02.59) 6. Chic Herb Garden Project Idea (03.25) 5. Hanging Gutter Herb Garden Project Idea (04.02) 4. Herb Garden […]