Anachronous Never

There is a philosophy that is anachronous never. It is an evergreen topic that will always be relevant. Scholars of consciousness throughout mankind’s time have created and prescribed to many schools of thought, yet there is always a recurrence of themes. There is a peculiar convergence upon what has been popularized as The Perennial Philosophy. These are the universal insights common to all societies, independent of time, space, and culture. This eternal philosophy has been written by many, yet is authorless. It is the foundation on which all religion builds. It is the stream from which all mystics drink.

This mystery is free to be apprehended. It is esoteric yet not hidden. It is secret knowledge freely given, yet few meet the preconditions to receive it. The way to become initiated, the experience of transcendence, the qualities lost on the journey and the boons returned… it is all expounded in the eternal philosophy. It is heard spoken by the still, small voice within. One must quieten oneself to hear it. A person must become refined, applying the pressure of sacrifice to create the pearl of great price. Still then it must be uncovered. It is works, grace, and release.

It is the non-rational and unconscious inspiration of the artists, poets, musicians, and philosophers. Men have the faculty of direct intuition, allowing an immediate perception of the ground of all being. In this manner was man created in God’s image. For this purpose the perennial philosophy supposes man exists; to partake of, identify with, and participate in the quintessential “thing” of reality. This thing is God, the universe, the aum, the absolute, Brahman, sunyata, the tathagatagarbha, etc. To experience it is salvation, moksa, nirvana… transcendence.

These reoccurring convictions and suspicions make up the earth upon which the tree of mankind grows. It waters the roots that mystics have sewn deep underground. It is the wind that bends and strengthens the branches of religion, flitters and keeps alive the many leaves of mythology. It is the sap coursing through the veins of philosophy and the bark protecting our minds from the unbridled mystery. It is the forbidden fruit that separates, feeds, and drives us back to the garden in which we shall live forever. It is anachronous never.