🌻 The Best Indoor Herb Garden Kit | 2019 Review

🌻 The Best Indoor Herb Garden Kit | 2019 Review

Here the 5 best, easy-to-use indoor herb garden starter kits:
🌿#1 Nature’s Blossom Herb Garden Kit.:
🌿#2 Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit from Spade To Fork:
🌿#3 Click and Grow Smart Indoor Herb Garden:
🌿#4 Bounty-Black indoor garden from AeroGarden:
🌿#5 Organic Herb Growing from Planters’ Choice:

If you have limited space outside your house, then indoor gardening is a great way to grow some nice herbs for personal use.

Cooking with fresh herbs makes all the difference. There’s nothing quite like the sight of lush greenery and the fragrance of fresh herbs to give any room a real sense of homeliness.

We have analyzed 4124 customer reviews and looked at 126 products to give you this top 5 video review, To help you find the best indoor herb garden kit for beginners.

#1 Nature’s Blossom Herb Garden Kit.
– 5 Herbs
– Gardening Guide
– We like that this kit is GMO-free and natural. Also, the kit contains everything you need to grow thyme, basil, sage, and cilantro. Moreover, even the growing pots are made from biodegradable materials. On the negative side, some of the herbs might take longer than others to grow, so you need a lot of patience. You can buy the Nature’s Blossom Herb Garden Kit from the link below the video.

#2 Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit from Spade To Fork
– Organic, Non-GMO
– 5 Herbs
– Growing Guide
– With the Spade to Fork kit, you can be sure that pots, soil, and seed are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. We like the family-owned company and the care that is gone into this product. This one is the cheapest option on this list. On the negative side, no grow lights or watering system are included with this kit.

#3 SGS8US, Click and Grow Smart Indoor Herb Garden
– LED Grow Light
– Self-Watering
– 50 Seeded Options
– We like that the grow lights can be adjusted in height. The Small, streamline design, and that it doesn’t require water refills often, are another big plus. But it does not have a lot of growing area, and you can’t grow very big plants in it.

#4 Bounty Bounty-Black indoor garden from AeroGarden
– 7 Herbs
– Miracle-Gro Plant Food
– 9 Plants
– Auto Control System
– 45W LED Grow Light
– The Garden Kit from AeroGarden has a quiet pump and the quality is nice. We like that the plants grow quickly, and the system produces a lot of herbs. On the downside, this one is more costly than the other units in this review, and it takes up more space.

#5 Garden Gifts, Organic Herb Growing from Planters’ Choice
– 4 Herbs
– Instruction Booklet
– Basil, Cilantro, Chives & Parsley
– 100% Organic
– Ideal For Beginners
– Great For Your Kitchen Window Herbs
– 100% Refund Guarantee
– We like the all in one kit from Planters’ Choice because of the non-GMO and organic seeds, plus the four included herbs. On the negative side, there are not many herbs in the box compared to some other of the kits, and some customers complained about damaged boxes when they got them.

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